Questions Presented

Brad Meltzer ’96

Brad Meltzer is a bestselling author with seven novels to his
credit—all thrillers that have centered on everything from politics
to the law. Last year, Meltzer released The Book of Lies, which unites the biblical murder of Cain with the real-life killing of Superman creator Jerry Siegel.

Summer 2009

Who has been your greatest inspiration?
My mom. When sales of my second novel didn’t meet the publisher’s expectations, I felt like I was watching my career deteriorate. I’ll never forget my mom on the phone—she said to me, “I’d love you if you were a garbage man.”

How do you define success?
When my son tells me, “Mom’s way smarter than you.”

Why did you go to law school?

Columbia Law School accepted me. I know I’m supposed to act far cooler than this, but it was—and still is—one of the proudest moments of my professional life.

Who is your favorite lawyer of all time (real or fictional)?

Professor Kellis Parker, who gave me law school credit for writing my first novel and, in the process, was one of the first to take my dream seriously.

Finish this sentence: you wouldn’t catch me dead without . . .

A copy of Nixon’s enemies list (to supplement my own).

One thing you absolutely must do before you die?

Speak at Columbia Law School graduation (hint, hint).

Thing for which you are most thankful?

My kids.