Annual Symposium Centers on Secondary Liability

Summer 2009

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The Kernochan Center for Law, Media and the Arts at Columbia Law School devoted its fourth annual symposium to analyzing the issue of secondary liability in intellectual property law—a particularly timely topic in light of the $1 billion copyright infringement suit Viacom filed against Google.

The conference featured both academics and professionals who discussed the evolution of secondary liability in copyright, the merits and flaws of Section 512 of U.S. copyright law, and the legal and practical implications of filtering infringing content.

A highlight of the event came when keynote speaker Chief Judge Alex Kozinski of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals discussed his dissent in Perfect 10 v. Visa, a case involving the credit card company’s facilitation of payment for pirated online pornography. Kozinski noted that the law should not be afraid of technology. Instead, he said, the two should operate together.

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