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Jack Coffee, Corporate Gatekeeper
Business law professor John C. Coffee, Jr., has taught at the Law School for more than 25 years. Regularly cited by the courts and quoted in the press, he teaches his students something beyond codes, case holdings, and a healthy fear of the S.E.C.

Intellectual Property at Columbia Law School - Fall 2006
With the hiring of three new IP law professors, Columbia sends a signal that it will continue to play a significant role in the development of laws and regulations that govern the world's marketplace of ideas.
Why Does Law School Cost So Much? - Summer 2006
The practice of law and its reach throughout the world has changed dramatically. Columbia has responded in new ways so its students will meet the needs of a world that looks increasingly to law to secure trade, support human rights, and advance democracy.
Academia Meets Free Agency - Winter 2006
In an environment where the battle over talented faculty can resemble a free agent sports market, Columbia Law School has achieved outstanding success. The School not only attracts talent, but keeps its players from signing elsewhere.
In House General Counsels -- Fall 2005
For Alumni general counsel, contracts, subpoenas, proxies, and IP theft are literally all in a day's in-house work, whether for manufacturers of retail clothing, major league baseball teams, pharmaceutical giants, or universities.
The Legal Aftermath of 9/11 -- Summer 2005
In the wake of unfathomable tragedy, Columbia alumni have been at the forefront of efforts to orchestrate the provision of legal aid to victims and guide the law into uncharted territory after the terrorist strikes of September 11, 2001.
Beyond the Casebook -- Winter 2005
Columbia Law School's innovative teaching puts the classroom in the real world.
CLS Elects 14th Dean, David M. Schizer -- Fall 2004
At 35, David M. Schizer is the youngest dean in the Law School's history.
Brown V. Board of Education at 50 -- Summer 2004
Columbia commemorates the case and recalls the role 5 Columbians played in it.
Punitive Damages as Societal Damages -- Winter 2004
Professor Catherine Sharkey proposes a middle ground in the punitive damage debate.
International Law -- Fall 2003
Terrorism, population migration, and peacekeeping are only some of the front-burner issues that make the teaching of international law all the more urgent today.
A Survey of CLS's Expanding Curriculum -- Spring 2003
What's being taught at the Law School these days? Five students from the Class of 1998 tell what courses they took and why, and describe their career choices.
Legal History at Columbia Law School -- Winter 2003 
The study of legal history is the hot new discipline at American law schools. Columbia has offered classes on the subject for more than 70 years.
Women at Columbia Law School - Fall 2002 
Columbia celebrates 75 years of women at the Law School.
Teaching Tomorrow's Professors -- Spring 2002
Educating the next generation of law faculty.

Environmental Law at Columbia Law School -- Fall 2001
Columbia Law School was a leader in environmental law in the 1970s. Today, the School has a faculty teaching cutting-edge regulatory approaches to the subject, as well as a new clinic that has won some important victories.