International Students & Graduates

International Students & Graduates

International Law has grown and divided. At the same time, it has cast its sheen on virtually every aspect of the law, including our student body. Our international studies, combined with our curriculum, programs, and faculty make Columbia Law School a premier site for the study of international law.  Upon graduation, all of our students will encounter, literally and figuratively, a world of law, and they must be well prepared to deal with all the legal facets of that world.

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Arvidas Remeza

Christian Iwasko

Sylvie Goursaud

Jasmine Samara

Katherine Wilhelm

Maha Jweied

Sarah Al-Moosa

Yan Zhang

Zeina Mobassaleh

Antonella Consentino

Junko Irie

Mikhail Lobov

Mikheil Saakashvili

Pi Hu Hsu

Chun Wei

Kristen Boon

Christopher Wimmer

Abid Imam
(no picture)