Harvey J. Goldschmid
Dwight Professor of Law
Columbia Law School mourns deeply the loss of Harvey J. Goldschmid (1940–2015). Read about the life of Professor Goldschmid and share your personal recollections

B.A., Columbia, 1962; J.D., 1965.

Frank P. Grad
Joseph P. Chamberlain Professor Emeritus of Legislation
Columbia Law School mourns the loss of Frank P. Grad ’49 LL.B., a pioneering public and environmental law scholar who was called upon by New York City mayors and members of Congress for his expertise in legislation on issues ranging from air pollution to the Human Genome Project. Professor Grad died Oct. 14, 2014. He was 90. Read more...
Louis Henkin
University Professor Emeritus
Columbia Law School mourns deeply the loss of Louis Henkin (1917-2010). To learn more, read about the life of Professor Henkin and share your personal recollections.
William K. Jones
Charles Evans Hughes Professor Emeritus of Law
Professor Jones died on July 28, 2009, at age 78. He will be remembered as a man of "extraordinary integrity." Read more about Professor Jones' life and contribution to the law.
Louis Lowenstein
Simon H. Rifkind Professor Emeritus of Finance and Law
Columbia Law School mourns the loss of our esteemed colleague, distinguished alumnus, and generous friend, Louis Lowenstein '53 LL.B., who died on April 18, 2009. He will remain ingrained in our history and our hearts.
Albert J. Rosenthal
Maurice T. Moore Professor Emeritus of Law; Dean Emeritus, Faculty of Law
Beloved teacher, scholar and friend, dean of Columbia Law School from 1979 to 1984, and an indispensable member of our community, Albert J. Rosenthal passed away on March 17, 2010. He will be missed.
Hans Smit
Stanley H. Fuld Professor Emeritus of Law
Columbia Law School mourns the loss of Professor Hans Smit, a pioneering scholar and a distinguished practitioner in the field of international arbitration and international procedure. He passed away on January 7, 2012, at the age of 84. For more than 50 years, Hans was a powerful presence at the Law School, where he made a remarkable contribution to the institution, to generations of students, and, of course, to the field of international arbitration. We will miss him terribly.
Walter Werner
Adolf A. Berle Professor of Law
Walter Werner was Columbia Law School’s first Adolf A. Berle Professor of Law and a leading advocate for institutional reform at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. He was an innovative and inspiring teacher, as well as a preeminent expert in securities regulation.