Professor Carol Sanger

Gender and Rights

Carol Sanger and Deborah L. Rhode, eds. (Ashgate, 2005)

In this long-awaited volume, Professors Sanger and Rhode (Stanford Law School) have assembled 25 essays by leading international scholars and advocates on the relationship between rights and gender inequality. The contributions, organized into six categories ( rights, sources of harm and well-being, work, family, violence, and political process and participation) provide a breadth of perspective on gender issues. They focus not only on the theoretical justifications for rights, but on the contextual complexities of their enactment, implementation, and enforcement. Particular attention is paid to the relationship between cultural practices and legal rights, as well as to the conceptual and the political development of rights claims and rights regimes for women and sexual minorities. Included in this book are essays by Jeremy Waldron, Catharine A. MacKinnon, Mary Lyndon Shanley, William N. Eskridge, and Washington College of Law Professor Leti Volpp ‘93