Professor Petros Mavroidis

The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade: A Commentary

While the WTO has developed ground rules for international commerce and provided technical assistance for developing nations, General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) remains a central document, with many of its provisions referred to in the various agreements of the 148-member global organization.

In his volume, Commentaries on the GATT/WTO Agreements, Prof. Mavrodis, who served from 1992-96 at the GATT legal service, examines relevant case law that allows him to both elaborate on and to diminish ambiguities inherent in the primary law. His commentary is divided into four parts: tackling the core disciplines, rules, exceptions, and remaining provisions of the GATT, including an analysis of the degree of sovereignty that nations lose in joining the WTO and the gains that are ensured from resulting cooperation. For international trade law scholars and legal historians, the texts of the 1947 and 1994 GATT agreements have been included as appendices.  

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Columbia Studies in WTO Law and Policy (Cambridge University Press)

Columbia Studies in WTO Law and Policy  is based on the annual WTO Law seminar offered by Professors Petros Mavroidis and George Bermann '75 LL.M., who also serve as series editors. That seminar assembles worldwide experts in law, economics, politics, and government to explore the most pressing issues within the contemporary international trade regime. The inaugural volume in this series is titled Trade and Human Health and Safety.

As the seminar theme changes in two-year cycles, a new volume in the series will appear every two years. The next scheduled volume will be on WTO law and developing countries

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