Professors Carol Liebman & Nancy Dubler

Bioethics Mediation: A Guide to Shaping Shared Solutions

Professors Carol B. Liebman and Nancy N. Dubler (United Hospital Fund, New York, 2004)

This book provides the theory, practice, and hands-on tools needed to resolve the medical care disputes that regularly entangle patients, family members, physicians, and other health care professionals. The authors make a thoughtful, systematic case for the use of mediation skills and techniques to achieve principled resolutions to troubling and life-and-death questions.

Bioethics Mediation provides a solid introduction to mediation for bioethics committees, consultants, and other health care professionals, making cogent arguments for the need for mediation in the medical context. The book also serves as an invaluable guide for mediators wishing to learn more about bioethics and the complex medical conflicts so prevalent in contemporary health care. Readers are aided by real-world case studies and analyses, step-by-step lessons in conducting effective bioethics mediation, and a variety of challenging role-plays.