Professor Jane Ginsburg

Intellectual Property Stories

Jane Ginsburg and Rochelle Dreyfuss '81, eds. (Foundation Press, 2005)

Foundation Press turned to IP experts Professors Ginsburg and Dreyfuss (NYU Law School) to edit this volume, another in a series of seminal law cases in various areas of law. Both also contribute essays. The book is well represented by Columbians, including Professors Diane Zimmerman '76, Jessica Litman'83, Robert Merges ‘95 J.S.D., Graeme Austin ‘00 J.S.D., and Graeme Dinwoodie ‘00 J.S.D.

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International Copyright and Neighboring Rights: The Berne Convention and Beyond

Sam Ricketson and Jane Ginsberg, eds. (2 vols., Oxford University Press, 2006)

This commentary deals both with the history and with the modern application of the major international agreements affecting copyright and related rights. It is written for legal practitioners, government officials, international NGOs, and academics. The book analyses the interpretation and application of the various conventions (including the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works [1886-1970], the Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property (1994), and the WIPO Copyright Treaties (1996), among others).

The organization of the text separates historical review from doctrinal analysis of the current application of the Berne Convention's provisions. The latter exposes gaps and ambiguities in the current text and, in a third section to each of the central chapters, considers the extent to which subsequent international instruments have resolved those questions. Issues concerning new technologies and digital networks receive in-depth treatment. Profs. Ginsburg and Ricketson (University of Melbourne) analyze questions of subject matter coverage, copyright ownership, nature and scope of rights, and exceptions and limitations to copyrights protection.

The book also contains a compilation of relevant treaties and related materials, while a companion web site supplements these with a collection of the travaux preparatoires of the Berne Convention itself.

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Foundations of Intellectual Property

Professor Jane C. Ginsburg (with Robert P. Merges) (Foundation Press, New York, 2004)

Two seasoned intellectual property scholars have pulled together many of the most influential commentaries in the intellectual property field in one accessible, highly useable volume. Excerpts from the scholarly literature up through the year 2000 are incorporated, as well as notes and citations referencing even more recent sources, thus capturing both current debates as well as timeless themes from the history of intellectual property. The book is comprehensive, yet its writing is compact. The result is a resource that is sure to become a standard reference for students and scholars interested in intellectual property law and its underlying policies.
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Proceedings of the ALAI Congress June 13-17, 2001

(Professor Jane C. Ginsburg and Kernochan Center Director of Studies June Besek, eds.) (Kernochan Center for Law, Media and the Arts, Columbia University, New York, 2002)

The 2001 Congress of the Association Littéraire et Artistique Internationale (ALAI) was held at the Law School in June 2001. More than 250 delegates from 32 countries attended. To prepare for the congress, ALAI-USA sent four questionnaires (three on technological measures, one on the trademark/copyright overlap) to each national group. The group responses furnished the bases for the General Reports on each topic. These proceedings publish the reports, questionnaires, and other reports and presentations made at the conference. An accompanying CD-ROM contains all those materials, as well as the national reports received in response to the questionnaire and slide presentations given at the conference. The text is presented in English and French. Back to top