Professor Jack Greenberg

Crusaders in the Courts: Legal Battles of the Civil Rights Movement

Professor Jack Greenberg '48 (Twelve Tables Press, New York, 2004)

With the 50th anniversary of the victory of Brown v. Board of Education, Twelve Tables Press has reissued Prof. Greenberg's Crusaders in the Courts. First published 10 years ago, the book, with a new subtitle, offers an insider's account of the work of the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund (LDF), which served as attorneys for the plaintiffs in Brown. The reissued book contains new and updated information, as well as new first and last chapters.

Crusaders brings to life key cases leading up to Brown, as well as the personalities involved in this important struggle for civil rights, including LDF Director Thurgood Marshall, Constance Baker Motley '46, Robert Carter '41 LL.M., and the young, energetic Jack Greenberg.

The book also recounts the years from 1961-84, when Prof. Greenberg headed the Legal Defense Fund. The important work for civil rights continued, though the author writes of his later split with some of his staff on defending 1960s radicals like Angela Davis and his being picketed by black students at Harvard Law School. Overall, the engaging narrative conveys how the LDF contributed to bettering American life by fostering integration, attacking the death penalty, helping rights organizations for Mexican-Americans and other groups, and promoting human rights abroad.

Also published by Prof. Greenberg and Twelve Tables Press is Brown v. Board of Education: Witness to a Landmark Decision. The text, drawn from Crusaders, focuses solely on the School Segregation cases. The book's introduction is by Mrs. Thurgood Marshall.