Professor Philip Genty

The IMPACT of the Adoption and Safe Families Act on Children of Incarcerated Parents
Philip Genty (with Arlene Lee and Mimi Laver) (Child Welfare League of America, 2005)

This book analyzes the effects of the Adoption and Safe Families Act (1997) - specifically, its requirements for initiating termination of parental rights. The act, created to improve the safety of children, promote adoption and other permanent homes for children, and support families, has had a deleterious effect on the more than 1.6 million children who currently have an incarcerated parent, according to the authors, who surveyed judges, attorneys, and child welfare representatives. The authors call for an urgent development of improved programs and policies, paying particular attention to the need for family-based and community-based substance abuse treatment programs, which decrease the frequency of the termination of parental rights.