Professor George Bermann

Columbia Studies in WTO Law and Policy (Cambridge University Press)

Columbia Studies in WTO Law and Policy  is based on the annual WTO Law seminar offered by Professors Petros Mavroidis and George Bermann '75 LL.M., who also serve as series editors. That seminar assembles worldwide experts in law, economics, politics, and government to explore the most pressing issues within the contemporary international trade regime. The inaugural volume in this series is titled Trade and Human Health and Safety.

As the seminar theme changes in two-year cycles, a new volume in the series will appear every two years. The next scheduled volume will be on WTO law and developing countries

French Business Law in Translation
Professor George Bermann '75 LL.M. (with P. Kirch) (Juris Publishing, Huntington, N.Y., 2004)

This publication is an entirely new translation of major French legal texts, directed specifically to the business community and to legal practitioners and members of the legal academy who deal with business law issues concerning France. In a French setting, transactional work invariably involves not only fundamental contractual concepts set out in the Civil Code, but also securities law, intellectual property, competition, tax and labor law considerations, all covered in this book. Other sections (there are 15 in all) an introduction to the constitution of France and the European treaties, consumer protection, labor law and environmental law. The selection of translated material enables the reader to understand the fundamentals of each area of law, as conceived by the legislator, the French government and, in certain cases, independent regulatory authorities.

Law and Governance in an Enlarged European Union
George Bermann ’75 LL.M. and Katharina Pistor, eds. (Heritage Publishing House, Victoria, BC, Canada, 2005)

This book addresses the institutional and substantive legal issues resulting from European enlargement, concentrating on the legal foundations on which the enlarged European Union (EU) is being built. The accession of new member states – especially those of Central and Eastern Europe – creates the potential for a stronger and more powerful Europe, but realizing this potential will depend on the successful development of effective governance structures both at European and member-states levels. This book, containing the work of leading social scientists and policymakers, examines the current and future legal framework for EU governance, and the role that new members will – or will not – play in the creation of that framework. It is a book which will contribute to and influence debates over constitutionalism and legal harmonization in the EU.

Law in a Nutshell: Transnational Litigation
Professor George Bermann '75 LL.M. (West Publishing, 2003)

This book is part of a series by West covering important subjects in the legal world. Transnational law is increasingly important in light of the fact that more and more business involves cross-border trade. Although virtually all litigation arising out of international transactions takes place in one national court or another (if not in an international arbitral venue) that litigation is unlikely to proceed in exactly the same fashion as litigation over purely domestic disputes. Prof. Bermann has written extensively on the subject and also teaches Transnational Litigation and Arbitration at the Law School.