Summer 2004


CLS Report
editor Jim Vescovi penned a column about his grandfather for the New York Times titled "Workingman's Cantata" (September 5, 2004).
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Full-time Faculty

(Listed in reverse alphabetical order)
  • John Fabian Witt was quoted in an article about dangerous mining conditions titled "14 Miners Die Every Day Hauling Coal for China's Masses" on August 19, 2004 (Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service). The piece later ran under the same title in the Charleston Gazette (August 22, 2004).

  • Patricia J. Williams received mention in The Miami Hurricane for taking part in a lecture series at the University of Miami, where past speakers have also included poet Maya Angelou and entrepreneur Russell Simmons ("President's Lecture Series Brings Prominent Speakers to U. Miami," August 20, 2004).

  • James Liebman detailed tort law as it relates to bouquet tossing for The New York Times piece entitled "Have Bouquet, Will Travel" (July 25, 2004).

  • Michael Dorf was quoted in an article about election law titled "Woolsey Attacks Plan to Delay Vote," which was published on August 6, 2004, in the Marin Independent Journal

    Prof. Dorf also continues to write his regular column for the legal website Recent topics have included "Why 'Swift Boat Veterans for Truth' and Other '527' Organizations can't be Silenced" (September 1, 2004), "Kerry Stands by His Iraq War Vote and Stands, with Bush, against Constitutional Principles" (August 18, 2004) and "Is There a Constitutional Right to Sexual Privacy? Finding None, a Federal Appeals Court Upholds Alabama's Sex Toy Prohibition" (August 4, 2004).

  • Regular NPR contributor Kimberle Williams Crenshaw continued to appear on the Tavis Smiley Show, most recently as a commentator on the media's coverage of the Democratic National Convention (August 4).

  • John C. Coffee, Jr. appeared in the following articles or programs:

    • "Blackballed: How a Former Wall Street Regulator Threw the Book at Disgraced Tycoon and his Spendthrift Wife," The Business, September 5, 2004
    • "A Black Future," Sunday Times (London), September 5, 2004
    • "Grasso Lawyers Try to Stop Bid to Return Case to State Court," The Wall Street Journal, September 1, 2004
    • "Google's Successful IPO Bad News for Underwriters," Broward, Miami and Palm Beach Daily Business Review, August 23, 2004
    • "The Fraud Squad," Copley News Service, August 23, 2004
    • "The Coors/Merrill Saga; ‘Every Pancake has Two Sides,'" Investment Dealers Digest, August 23, 2004
    • "IPO Asks Searching Questions; Google's Bypassing of Wall Street in Favour of a Share Auction may be Repeated More and More," Sunday Tribune, August 22, 2004
    • "Doubts Raised About Auditor Lawsuit," Financial Times, August 20, 2004
    • "Parmalat Socks CSFB in Latest Suit," The Wall Street Journal, August 20, 2004
    • "World News Tonight," ABC, August 19, 2004
    • "Big Banks Can Still Make or Break a Deal," The New York Post, August 19, 2004
    • "Lucrative Cash Package Came as Fairchild Reported $53.2 Million Loss," The Washington Post, August 16, 2004
    • "Liquidation of Struggling Oakmark Small Cap Fund is a Rare Declaration of Defeat," The Baltimore Sun, August 15, 2004
    • "Oakmark Small Cap Liquidation Raises Question," Chicago Tribune, August 15, 2004
    • "Marketplace," Minnesota Public Radio, August 13, 2004
    • "Back to Basics: A Year and a Half After Eliot Spitzer Tried to Clean up Wall Street Research, the Jury is Still out on Whether Honest Research can Pay," The Boston Globe, August 8, 2004
    • "The Fraud Squad: Corporate-Crime Task Force Getting Good Grades so far, but Much Work Remains," The San Diego Union-Tribune, August 8, 2004
    • "Bristol Agrees to Pay $150M Fine; ‘Distorted' Sales Performance, SEC says," The Record, August 5, 2004
    • "Wachovia gets SEC Scrutiny; At Issue: Stock Trades Connected to First Union Deal," The News & Observer, August 4, 2004
    • "Martha's Still Calling the Shots—for Now," The New York Post, July 29, 2004
    • "Md. Watermen Mull Suing Over Bay; Class Action May Focus on Farming Firms, Municipal Plants," The Washington Post, July 28, 2004
    • "Paula Zahn NOW," CNN, July 23, 2004
    • "Banks Show Signs of Inching Toward Enron Settlement,", July 22, 2004
    • "Banks Show Signs of Inching Toward Enron Settlement," CBS MarketWatch, July 22, 2004
    • "Grasso Sues NYSE for $50 Million; Former Exchange Chairman Says his Contract was Breached," The International Herald Tribune, July 22, 2004

  • George Bermann was quoted in an article about the European Union's legal structure titled "Old Continent, New Deal" (ABA Journal, September 2004).
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