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Full-time Faculty

(Listed in reverse alphabetical order)
  • John Fabian Witt was quoted in a column by Clyde Haberman titled, "The Price of Life After 9/11," which appeared in The New York Times on June 18, 2004.

Prof. Witt's book, "The Accidental Republic: Crippled Workingmen, Destitute Widows, and the Remaking of American Law," was reviewed in the June 11th edition of The Recorder.

On May 8, Prof. Witt penned a piece for the Jakarta Post entitled "Can Chinese Manufacturing Industry be Made Safe?" The article also ran the same day in The Korea Herald under the title "Chinese Industry: Can it be Made Safe?" Additionally, Prof. Witt authored a report titled "Lessons from History: State Constitutions, American Tort Law, and the Medical Malpractice Crisis," as part of the Pew Charitable Trusts' ongoing Project on Medical Liability in Pennsylvania. The report was included in the Pittsburg Post-Gazette (March 14, 2004) and in Health & Medicine Week (April 5, 2004).

  • Patricia Williams continues to author her regular column for The Nation. Columns published during the spring semester include: "Lead Balloons (August 2, 2004)," "To See or Not to See (June 28, 2004)," "Slow Motion (June 14, 2004)," "In Kind (May 31, 2004)," "For Their Own Good (May 17, 2004)," "Unimagined Communities (May 3, 2004)," "Uncommon Ground (April 5, 2004)," "And the Winner Is...(March 22, 2004)," "Wedlockstep (March 8, 2004)," "Animal Farm: The Republican Version (February 23, 2004)," "Memo from Mars (February 9, 2004)" and "Baghdad Beat (January 26, 2004)." She was also included in an article titled "Civil Rights Pioneers Recall the Front Line," which appeared in the April 24th edition of The News Journal (Wilmington, DE).

  • Richard Uviller was interviewed for an article that appeared in Slate magazine on March 31st titled "When Can a Judge Declare a Mistrial?"

  • Kendall Thomas was interviewed by NY1 during the inaugural Brown v. Board event. His participation in a subsequent event was highlighted in the February 24th Village Voice article titled, "Old School: Looking Back on the Civil Rights Movement."

  • Hans Smit appeared on WCBS' "Evening News" on July 1, 2004. He was interviewed for a segment about the Saddam Hussein trial.

  • William H. Simon was interviewed for an article about the ethicality of professional actors portraying witnesses in real trials. The article, titled "Lights, Camera and . . . Time to Testify," appeared in The National Law Journal on June 21, 2004.

  • Catherine Sharkey testified as an academic expert on punitive damages before the California State Assembly Committee on the Judiciary at the State Capitol in Sacramento, California, on June 1, 2004. Her testimony in California, combined with her recent research on tort reform, resulted in Prof. Sharkey's garnering a significant amount of buzz in the media. Following are news outlets featuring Prof. Sharkey: 
    • "The Tortinator; Gov. Schwarzenegger Targets Punitive Damages," CFO Magazine, July 07, 2004
    • "States Grab Punitives: Tort Reform or a Taking? California Proposal Widens the Debate," Lawyers Weekly USA, June 21, 2004
    • "A Pot of Gold, or Pot of Good?; Punitive Damages for the Public Good," Connecticut Law Tribune, June 21, 2004
    • "Governor Schwarzenegger Pumps Up Tort Reform: Should California Get Seventy-Five Percent of Plaintiffs' Punitive Damages Awards?", June 4, 2004
    • "Punitives Plan's Net Estimate Drops; The State Legislative Analyst Says the Governor's Proposal to Take Part of Awards Would Reap Only $60 Million," Daily Journal, June 2, 2004 
    • "Schwarzenegger Sees Money for State in Punitive Damages," The New York Times, May 30, 2004
    • "California Eyes Share of Punitives; Other States Have Similar Setups," National Law Journal, May 24, 2004
    • "Creative Financing in California," live radio interview, "Talk of the City," 89.3 KPCC (Southern California Public Radio), May 24, 2004
    • "Governor Targets Punitive Awards Budget Suggests State Take 75% of Damages to Cover its Shortfall," Modesto Bee, May 16, 2004
    • "California Could Get Cut of Punitive Damages from Civil Trials," Scripps Howard News Service, May 16, 2004
    • "Budget Seeks 75% of Awards for Damages; Governor Hopes System Being Tried in Eight Other States Will Curb Shortfall with Money from Lawsuits, but Experts Call Proposal Too Optimistic," Los Angeles Times, May 15, 2004
    • "California Could Get Cut of Punitive Damages from Civil Trials," Scripps Howard News Service, May 14, 2004
    • "State Could Receive Share of Trial Awards; Potential Controversy in Budget Proposal," Sacramento Bee, May 14, 2004

  • David Schizer's appointment as the 14th Dean of Columbia Law School was included in the New York Post, New York Sun, National Law Journal, New York Law Journal, Chronicle of Higher Education, Jewish Week and the Columbia Spectator, as well as on and News release available at: 

On March 19, 2004, Dean Schizer was quoted in The Wall Street Journal article headlined "The Insider's Magic Way to Sell --- SEC Investigates Securities Firms that Used Derivatives Contracts to Help Executives Trade Quietly."

  • Carol Sanger appeared in a segment headlined "Teen-Age Boy Seeks to Legally Sever Ties with Father" on the April 29th edition of CBS Evening News.

She was also quoted in the following articles:

    • "Tied in Knots by Gay Marriage," U.S. News & World Report, March 8, 2004
    • "Gay Marriage Battle Not Likely to be Resolved Quickly, Experts Say," Philadelphia Inquirer, March 18, 2004

  • Alex Raskolnikov was quoted in an article headlined "Tax Shelter Crackdown Hits Law Firms: Illegal Schemes Attract Suits, IRS," which appeared in the June 13th issue of Crain's NY Business.

  • Edward Morrison was referenced in BCD News and Comment (March 19, 2004). The piece was titled "Judges as Good as Anyone at Making Shutdown Decisions."

  • Eben Moglen continues to be quoted or featured in various publications about antitrust law, the internet, and other issues. He was quoted or featured in the following articles:
    • "Open-Source Should Not be a Free-for-All," Financial Times (London, England), June 1, 2004
    • "Grant Seeks to Help Small Firms in Costly Patent Disputes," National Journal's Technology Daily, May 17, 2004
    • "Gunning for Linux; The Free Operating System--Backed by IBM, HP, and Others-- is Breaking Microsoft's Monopoly. But a Lawsuit by SCO, Which Claims to Own Parts of the Code, Could Wreck the Party," Fortune, May 17, 2004
    • "Free? He Says Fee!" Newsweek, April 19, 2004
    • "Advocacy Group Goes after Microsoft's FAT Patent,", April 16, 2004
    • "SCO Steps Up Pressure Over Linux Copyright; IBM, Daimler Chrysler, Autozone and Red Hat are Some of the Companies Being Sued by SCO for Use of its Linux Code Constituent," The Irish Times, April 16, 2004
    • "Investors Lately Siding With Linux in SCO Group's Linux Legal Fight; Stock On 3-Month Slide; Use of the Open Source Software Violates SCO's Unix Patents, Suits Claim," Investor's Business Daily, April 2, 2004
    • "Why SCO Thinks it Can Win; Why Does SCO Think it Can Win its Linux Battles with IBM?", April 1, 2004
    • "What, Us Worry? Linux Litigation," Institutional Investor, April 1, 2004
    • "Conflict of Interest Rules for Supreme Court Justices and When They Should Recuse Themselves," NPR's "Morning Edition," March 26, 2004
    • "Microsoft, European Union End Anti-Trust Negotiations," Minnesota Public Radio's "Marketplace," March 18, 2004
    • "Leading Open Source Software Companies MySQL AB, Sleepycat Software and Trolltech AS Prove Strength of Dual-License Model," Business Wire, March 16, 2004
    • "SCO Takes Linux Battle to Users," Network World, March 08, 2004
    • "SCO Moves on Big Customers," eWeek, March 8, 2004
    • "Music & Money: Record Companies Must Embrace Changing Digital Era," Billboard, March 6, 2004
    • "Making Sense of the SCO Suits; Legal Experts Explain the Differences in the Two SCO Lawsuits and What They Mean to Linux Users,", March 5, 2004
    • SCO Sues Two More Companies; The Action Widens Fight over Linux," The Boston Globe, March 4, 2004
    • "SCO User Lawsuits Target DaimlerChrysler and AutoZone," ComputerWire, March 4, 2004
    • "SCO Sues AutoZone over Linux Use,", March 3, 2004
    • "Linux Legal Battle Has Bankers' Attention," The American Banker, February 25, 2004
    • "SCO's Linux User Deadline Puts Lehman Brothers in Spotlight," ComputerWire, February 19, 2004,
    • "EXPERT: SCO'S Legal Threats Won't Daunt Linux Users,", February 11, 2004
    • "SCO's Action against Novell Protects Linux Users, Says OSDL," ComputerWire, February 11, 2004
    • "Paper Casts Doubts on SCO's Copyright Claims,", February 10, 2004
    • "Prof Dismisses SCO's Copyright Claims,", February 10, 2004
    • "OSDL Releases Position Paper on SCO Lawsuit with Novell; Columbia University Law Professor Says Linux Users Will Ignore SCO Legal Threats until Novell Lawsuit is Resolved," PR Newswire, February 10, 2004
    • "IBM Balks at Indemnification Idea; SCO Suit Sparks Fears; HP and Novell Promise to Protect Customers, but IBM won't Go Along," Investor's Business Daily, February 4, 2004

  • Curtis J. Milhaupt '89, the director of the Center for Japanese Legal Studies, was quoted in the article "Japan Grooms New Lawyers -- Slew of Law Schools Open Up, as Deregulation Spurs Litigation," which appeared in The Wall Street Journal on April 13, 2004.

  • Judge Gerard Lynch '75 presided over some high-profile cases this past semester, including cases involving rappers Lil' Kim and Eminem.

  • Louis Lowenstein '53 has been named as a member of a six-person committee that will oversee private corporations doing government work, according to The New York Times ("Six Named by Pataki to Overhaul Authorities," May 12, 2004).

  • Ed Lloyd was interviewed for an article titled "New Jersey Blocks off Highlands but Eases Other Rules for Builders," which appeared in The New York Times on June 19, 2004.

  • Debra Livingston moderated a National Law Journal and Columbia Law School co-sponsored a roundtable on April 12 called "The Patriot Act: Keep it, Change it, or Toss it?" A feature about the debate ran in the National Law Journal on April 26, 2004 ("Patriot Act Attacked").

  • James Liebman and his colleagues' death penalty studies were included in the following articles:
    • "Death Penalty Gets Ax; Unfair, Rules N.Y. Top Court," New York's Daily News, June 25, 2004
    • "A Fickle High Court is Causing Confusion; Varied Death Penalty Cases have Experts Wondering what's Next," The Washington Post, June 17, 2004
    • "Reversing a Death Sentence," The Indianapolis Star, June 13, 2004
    • "Ohio Death Penalty Still under Examination," The Lantern, May 25, 2004
    • "Wrongful Convictions Produce Many Victims," Cox News Service, 21 April 2004
    • "Texas not Really Executioners' Mecca; Study Shows State's Rate of Handing down Death Sentences is Below National Average," San Antonio Express-News (Texas), March 13, 2004
    • "Indecent Proposal," Michigan Daily, 3 March 2004
    • "Relief to Death-Row Inmate Denied Before Petition Filed," Texas Lawyer, February 9, 2004

  • David W. Leebron, former dean of the Law School, officially assumed the presidency at Rice University in July. Mr. Leebron, 48, will also be a tenured professor in political science. He will succeed Malcolm Gillis, who has been president of Rice for 11 years. The Chronicle of Higher Education, January 30, 2004.

    While still dean, Leebron was interviewed for an article in The National Law Journal about faculty recruitment and retention titled "Top Law Professors are a Hot Commodity, and Schools are Scrambling to Keep Them (June 14, 2004)." 

  • Avery Katz was quoted in an article headlined "Contract Interpretation Debate Swirls in Realm of Law and Economics," which appeared in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin on March 3, 2004.

  • Samuel Issacharoff was included in the following articles:
    • "One Eye on Principle, the Other on the People's Will," The New York Times, July 4, 2004
    • "Charity Care: Lawsuits Allege Violation of Tax-Exempt Status," American Health Line, June 17, 2004
    • "Suits Challenge Hospital Bills Of Uninsured," The New York Times, June 17, 2004
    • "Judge in Grasso's Pay Case Takes Compensation Seriously," Tulsa World (Oklahoma), May 30, 2004
    • "Reform Party Endorsement Boosts Nader's Confidence: Candidate Hopes to Improve on 2000 Showing," The Hill, May 13, 2004
    • "Supreme Court Backs Up in Redistricting Dispute," USA TODAY, May 7, 2004
    • "Citizens' Group and Others Sue New York State Over System for Selecting Top Trial Judges," The New York Times, March 19, 2004
    • "Asbestos Bankruptcies Plague Insurers: Do Prepackaged Arrangements Deprive Carriers of Right to Defend Against Claims?" National Underwriter, May 10, 2004
    • "TAXES: ‘Outsourcing' Provision Added To Corporate Tax Bill," National Journal's Technology Daily, March 5, 2004
    • "Law Professors Warn Class Action Bill Could Clog Courts," National Journal's Congress Daily, March 05, 2004
    • "Discussion of New Rulings in Redistricting Cases and How that Can Affect Elections," WBEZ-FM's "Odyssey," March 2, 2004
    • "Eliot Spitzer's Surprising Donor List; He Won't Take Campaign Contributions from Companies He's Probing. The Law Firms Representing them are a Different Story, However," Business Week, January 30, 2004

  • Louis Henkin was cited in the following articles:
    • "Civil War-Era Court Case Could Figure in Guantanamo Ruling," Chattanooga Times Free Press (Tennessee), April 25, 2004
    • "Civil War Case May Help Men Held as Terrorists," Scripps Howard News Service, April 21, 2004

  • Michael Heller's speech at a Manhattan Institute symposium on telecom and the tragedy of commons received coverage in Communications Daily ("Experts Ponder ‘Tragedy of ‘Tele-Commons,'" May 18, 2004); an abbreviated version of the story ran in Telecom A.M. ("Academics Ponder ‘Tragedy of Tele-Commons,'" May 18, 2004). Prof. Heller was also quoted in a February 3rd Newsweek article titled "A Beef Grows in Brooklyn," about Bruce Ratner's '70 plans to move the New Jersey Nets to New York.

  • As an NAACP LDF lawyer who argued one of the cases that constitute Brown v. Board of Education, Jack Greenberg '48 was interviewed for, or appeared in, several publications surrounding the 50th anniversary of this landmark case. National daily newspapers in which Prof. Greenberg and the Law School were featured include The New York Times, USA Today, The Philadelphia Inquirer, International Herald Tribune, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Baltimore Sun, Orlando Sentinel, Newsday, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, The News & Observer, The New York Sun, The Montclair Times, Christian Science Monitor, Alameda Times-Star, The Argus, The Daily Review, The Oakland Tribune, Tri-Valley Herald, The Seattle Times, The News Journal, Topeka Capital-Journal and The Hartford Courant.

Prof. Greenberg and the Law School events in conjunction with the 50th anniversary also appeared in newsweeklies such as Time and Newsweek as well as in legal, trade, internet and wire outlets such as the New York Law Journal, New Jersey Law Journal, Legal Intelligencer, New York Lawyer, Daily Variety, Associated Press,,, U.S. Newswire, United Press International, Federal News Service, States News Service and

Prof. Greenberg has appeared on NPR's "The Tavis Smiley Show" and "Fresh Air," as well as on several local NPR affiliates. Additionally, he was interviewed with Lee C. Bollinger on NY1's "Inside City Hall," and appeared on CBS' "The Early Show," Court TV's "Catherine Crier" and on CNN.

Finally, the Law School events in support of the anniversary were included in several Columbia publications, including The Columbia Law School Report, Columbia Magazine, The Observer, Columbia Record and the Columbia Daily Spectator. The events were also listed in various calendar listings including AP Daybook, New York Law Journal and the Village Voice.

Prof. Greenberg participated in several interviews that have not yet been published or broadcast, including a feature segment on NY1's "One on 1."

  • Harvey J. Goldschmid '65 signed on for a second term at the Securities & Exchange Commission. (Business Week, February 9, 2004.)

  • Jane Ginsburg was quoted in the following publications:
    • "Publisher Tries to Stop Leaks from the Clinton Memoirs," The New York Times, June 19, 2004
    • "Rethinking Web Piracy; Restrictions May Backfire, Report Warns," The International Herald Tribune, March 1, 2004
    • "Report Raises Questions about Fighting Online Piracy," The New York Times, March 1, 2004
    • "The Tyranny of Copyright?" The New York Times, January 25, 2004

  • The scholarly work of Ronald Gilson and Curtis Milhaupt '89, co-authors of the working paper "Choice as regulatory reform: the case of Japanese corporate governance," was cited by the Financial Times in an article entitled "Confusion Still Governs in Corporate Japan" (June 7, 2004).

  • Richard Gardner was cited about U.S. Foreign Policy on "Voice of America News" on April 13, 2004. He also appeared on "The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer" with Jagdish Bhagwati and other guests to discuss the bombing in Madrid (March 11, 2004). Finally, he was quoted in Agence France Presse on April 29, 2004, in an article headlined "Rushed Iraq Transition Fraught with Legal Pitfalls: Experts."

  • Katherine Franke was quoted in the Boston Globe article "Legal Scholars Ask if Marriage is the Only Way to Make a Family" (May 16, 2004).  She was also quoted in an article headlined "Court Weighs Gay Long Island Man's Right to Sue in Partner Death," which originally appeared on the Associated Press Newswires on June 22, 2004, and was later picked up by other newspapers.

  • George Fletcher was referenced in a February 8th article in The New York Times titled "The World: My Brother's Keeper; Is the Group Responsible for the Individual's Crime?"

  • Jeffrey Fagan was quoted in the following publications:
    • "Red Hook Experiment: In This Brooklyn Neighborhood, Justice Has a Distinct Community Flavor," ABA Journal, June, 2004
    • "Dallas Could Learn from Other Successes, Experts Say; Aggressive Initiatives Helped Several Cities Cut Crime Rates in the 1990s," The Dallas Morning News, March 21, 2004
    • "Pulling Back the Veil," The Chronicle of Higher Education, March 19, 2004,
    • "Evictions Helping to Root Out Crime," Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (Little Rock, AR), February 16, 2004

  • Michael Doyle, former assistant to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, spoke to The Boston Globe regarding the importance of Iraq in the upcoming presidential elections ("US Seen Shifting Toward Inclusiveness in UN Resolution on Iraq; Instability Said Reason for Change," May 19, 2004). Doyle was also included in an article in The New York Times and The International Herald Tribune (March 5, 2004) titled "After a Year on the Sidelines, UN is Back in the Thick of it."

  • Michael Dorf penned an opinion piece on the U.S. Supreme Court decision in the combatant cases which appeared in The Miami Herald, NRC Handelsblad (Netherland), L'Agefi (Switzerland), La Libre Belgique(Belgium), The Jordan Times (Jordan), Daily Times (Pakistan), The Straits Times (Singapore), The Nation (Thailand), El Nuevo Diario (Nicaragua), Expreso (Ecuador), Valor (Brazil), South China Morning Post (Hong Kong) and The Kazakhstan Monitor (Kazakhstan).

    He was also featured and/or quoted in the following outlets:
    • "Columbia Law School Chooses a New Dean; Schizer, a Faculty Member, is Tax Expert," New York Law Journal, June 21, 2004
    • "To Geneva or not to Geneva," United Press International, May 13, 2004
    • "Age Discrimination Cuts Both Ways," Western Massachusetts Law Tribune, May 2004
    • "Judging the Judges: Critics of the SJC's Gay Marriage Ruling are Crying Judicial Activism. But Legal Scholars Say It's Not That Simple," The Boston Globe, March 7, 2004
    • "For Abortion Foes, a South Dakota Strategy," The Boston Globe, February 26, 2004
    • "Landscape: If an Abortion Bill is Passed, but Everyone's Talking About Gay Marriage, Did it Really Pass?" The Hotline, February 26, 2004
    • "Seeing 1 When There Are 2," National Review, February 5, 2004
    • "South Dakota: Is This the Court That Has Mushrooms, Onions, Green Peppers and Sausage?" The Hotline, February 17, 2004
    • "Turn it Over; Drug Kingpin Wants Access to Sealed Habeas Ruling in Federal Appeal of Broward Man Detained After 9-11," Broward Daily Business Review, January 22, 2004; Palm Beach Daily Business Review, January 22, 2004; Miami Beach Daily Business Review, January 22, 2004

Additionally, he continues to author original columns for the legal website, which are often featured on Columns penned over the spring semester include: "In the Event of a Terrorist Attack Affecting the Election, Who Decides Whether to Delay?" What the Constitution and Federal Statutes Say (July 21, 2004)," "The Likely Impact of the 2004 Presidential Election on the Composition and Decisions of the Supreme Court (July 7, 2004)," "Can a State Make it a Crime to Refuse to Identify Yourself to the Police? In a Narrow Ruling, the Supreme Court Says Yes (June 23, 2004)," "Reagan and the Courts: A Sober Assessment (June 09, 2004)," "What a Chinese Height Discrimination Case Says About Chinese (and American) Constitutional Law (May 26, 2004)," "The Supreme Court Gives Partisan Gerrymandering the Green Light--or at Least a Yellow Light (May 12, 2004)," "Rejecting the All-or-Nothing Approach in the Moussaoui Case and the Guantanamo Detainees Oral Argument (April 28, 2004)," "Can Ethnic Hatred be Eliminated by Eliminating Ethnicity? The Rwanda Experiment (April 14, 2004)," "A Federal Appeals Court Bars Release of ‘Partial Birth' Abortion Records, and Offers an Interesting Perspective on Privacy Rights (March 31, 2004)," "Justice Scalia's Persuasive But Elitist Response to the Duck Hunting Controversy (March 24, 2004)," "The Supreme Court's Recent Ruling that Federal Age Discrimination Law Protects the Old, but not the Young: Dodging the Deeper Issue (March 03, 2004)," "Three Bad Reasons--and One Very Good Reason--to Oppose a Constitutional Amendment Barring Same-Sex Marriage (February 18, 2004)," "Does the First Amendment Protect Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake? (February 4, 2004)" and "Caucuses and Democracy in Iowa and Iraq: Should Direct Elections Be Held Instead? (January 19, 2004)."

  • Kimberle Williams Crenshaw continues to be a regular commentator on NPR's "Tavis Smiley Show." Show topics ranged from the unfinished agenda of Brown v. Board of Education in contemporary education, the case's effects 50 years ago and how the civil rights movement impacted the Supreme Court's ruling in the landmark case. Other show topics included, "Possibility of public's tolerance for war casualties being gauged," "Issue of gay marriage becoming an issue between black clergy and black politicians," "Al Sharpton's impact on the presidential race" and "Racial disparities in health care." Transcripts are available upon request.

Prof. Crenshaw also penned an op-ed titled "Was Strom a Rapist?" which was published in the March 15th issue of The Nation.

  • Jack Coffee is a leading commentator on white collar crime, corporate governance, and securities. In the spring semester he was featured in numerous top tier publications including: USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Financial Times, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Chicago Tribune, The Houston Chronicle, Daily News, Newsday, New York Post, New York Sun, Chicago Sun-Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, International Herald Tribune, Denver Post, The Record, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Chattanooga Times Free Press, Times Picayune, The Baltimore Sun, The Providence Journal, Orlando Sentinel, Austin American Statesman, The Union Leader, London Times, The Evening Standard, The Weekend Australian, Toronto Star, Winnipeg Sun and the Marin Independent Journal.

Additionally he was quoted in national news magazines, trade and legal publications and wire services stories. Publications include Newsweek, National Law Journal, New York Law Journal, Legal Intelligencer,, Cox News Service, Knight Ridder News Service,, Investment Dealer's Digest,,, The Hill, Business Week, The Business Lawyer, Accounting Today and Securities Week.

Finally, Prof. Coffee appeared on several news programs, such as NBC's "Today Show," "Saturday Today Show" and "Nightly News"; CBS' "The Early Show"; ABC's "World News Tonight with Peter Jennings"; MSNBC's "News Live," " Countdown" and "The Abrams Report"; CNBC "Squawk Box" & Wake Up Call"; CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360 Degrees" and "NewsNight with Aaron Brown"; NPR's "All Things Considered" and "Morning Edition"; MPR's "Nightly Business Report"; Bloomberg's "Morning Call" and "Bloomberg on Markets"; PBS' "Newshour with Jim Lehrer." Additionally, he appeared regularly on British broadcast outlets such as Reuters Television and BBC Television and Radio, as well as Canadian outlets such as CBC and ROB-TV.

  • Richard Briffault was cited in the following articles:
    • "Time for a Constitutional Convention on Real Property Taxation," New Jersey Law Journal, July 12, 2004
    • "Over-the-Top State Budgets Put Growing Strain on Constitution," The Record, July 6, 2004
    • "Norwood Can Seize Properties," The Cincinnati Enquirer, June 15, 2004
    • "Mayor and the City Council Battle More Often on Vetoes," The New York Times, May 17, 2004

  • Professors Briffault and Thomas Merrill were quoted in a New York Law Journal article about the connections between law and business and how they relate to education ("Law Schools Steal a Page from Business Schools," April 28, 2004). The article re-ran in Broward, Miami and Palm Beach Daily Business Reviews under the headline "Law Schools Turn to Business School Techniques in Admissions, Teaching, but not Without Controversy (April 30, 2004)."

  • Professors Briffault and William Simon were both quoted in an article headlined "Scandal Resistant," which addressed the role of ethics in the law school curriculum. The article was published in the March 2004 edition of American Lawyer Magazine.

  • George Bermann '75 was included in the following publications:
    • "Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Bill to Break Up OPEC," National Journal's Congressional Daily, April 23, 2004
    • "Lawmakers Eye Legal Challenge to OPEC,", April 13, 2004; CBS Marketwatch, April 13, 2004
    • "Senate Panel Eyes Measure Attacking OPEC, Refinery Cutbacks; Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries," The Oil Daily, April 8, 2004

  • Vivian Berger '73 reviewed "Underground Codes: Race, Crime and Related Fires," a book by University of Florida professor Katheryn Russell-Brown, for the July 2nd "Lawyer's Bookshelf," a regular column in the New York Law Journal. Additionally, Prof. Berger penned an article for the National Law Journal titled "Stop Execution of Minors." The article which appeared in the National Law Journal on May 3rd, also appeared in the Broward Daily Business Review, Miami Daily Business Review, and Palm Beach Daily Business Review.  Finally, Prof. Berger was interviewed for a March 26th article on titled "How much should we know about the sex life of Kobe Bryant's accuser?"

  • Visiting professor Bernard Bell was interviewed for an article that explored a report released by the investigative arm of Congress about the inappropriate disclosure of social security numbers. The article appeared in the February 25th edition of Newsday and was headlined "Study Says Identity Security Lax."

  • Mark Barenberg was featured in the following articles:
    • "The China Syndrome," In These Times, April 26, 2004
    • "Bill Would Allow Lawsuits against OPEC," Gannett News Service, April 8, 2004
    • "Worker Abuse in China Debated," United Press International, March 29, 2004
    • "Giving Attention to China's Repression of Workers' Rights," Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Wisconsin), March 20, 2004
    • "Labor's Savvy Charge on China Trade; In a Landmark Move, it Wants the Bush Administration to Decide if Worker Repression Lets China Price Exports Below True Market Value," Business Week Online, March 19, 2004
    • "Analysis: Trade Complaint ‘Made in USA,'" United Press International, March 18, 2004
    • "AFL-CIO Asks Penalties against China," Chicago Tribune, March 17, 2004
    • "U.S. Labor Petition Targets China,", March 17, 2004
    • "AFL-CIO Seeks Sanctions on China; Federation Urges Tariffs, Claiming Abuse of Workers," The Detroit News, March 17, 2004
    • "U.S. Unions Press Bush on Chinese Labor Rights; Abuse, to Cut Costs, also Hurts American Workers, They Assert," The International Herald Tribune, March 17, 2004
    • "Labor Union Seeking Trade Case against China," The Pantagraph (Bloomington, Illinois), March 17, 2004
    • "China's Workers -- and Ours," The Washington Post, March 17, 2004
    • "AFL-CIO Files Petition Accusing China of Suppressing Worker Rights," NPR's "All Things Considered," March 16, 2004
    • "A.F.L.-C.I.O. to Press Bush for Penalties against China," The New York Times, March 16, 2004
    • "In Rare Move, AFL-CIO Petitions U.S. on Chinese Trade," USA Today, March 16, 2004
    • "AFL-CIO to Bush: Penalize China for Unfair Wages," WWD, March 16, 2004

  • Jose Alvarez was cited in the following media outlets:
    • "Saddam trial will test Iraq's new government," The Record (Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario), July 3, 2004
    • "He's a Sly Fox, Legal Eagles Agree," Daily News (New York), July 2, 2004
    • "The Conflict in Iraq; For Iraq, Trial is Balancing Act; Challenges to Legality of Proceedings, the Security Risk and the Size of the Case Could Spell Trouble," Los Angeles Times, July 2, 2004
    • "Saddam Hussein," ABC News Radio, June 29, 2004
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Adjunct Faculty / Administrative Deans / Directors

(Listed in reverse alphabetical order)
  • Adjunct professor Evan Wolfson appeared in an article titled "Law Professor at Forefront of National Debate on Same-Sex Marriage Laws."

  • Jim Tierney, director of the National State Attorneys General Program at the Law School, was quoted in the following publications:
    • "N.Y. Sues Paxil Maker Over Studies on Children; Negative Data Withheld, Attorney General Says," The Washington Post, June 3, 2004
    • "MA: Romney Pitches ‘Long-Shot' Bid to Halt Gay Marriages," The Frontrunner, April 16, 2004
    • "Romney Makes a Move in Gay-Marriage Battle; Mass. Governor Requests Power to Seek a Court Stay," The Washington Post, April 16, 2004
    • "Decision Limits Gay Marriage ; Massachusetts to Bar Couples Ineligible in Their Own States," The International Herald Tribune, April 1, 2004
    • "New Pall Falls on Gay Wedding Hopes," The New York Times, March 31, 2004
    • "Legal Experts: Romney Has Few Options to Block Gay Marriages in May," Associated Press, March 30, 2004
    • "State AGs Team Up to Influence Policy; Reilly Leads Joint Effort Against Drug Prices," Western Massachusetts Law Tribune, March 2004

  • Edwin Rekosh, executive director of the Law School's Public Interest Law Initiative, and Jack Greenberg were featured in an article titled "Brown and Budapest: Civil Rights Issues in Education are a Focus in Eastern Europe" (ABA Journal, May 21, 2004).

  • Michael Ratner '69, head of the Center for Constitutional Rights and and adjunct professor, was profiled in an article titled "A question of principle; Lawyer Michael Ratner took Guantanamo cases, despite his feelings on terrorism," which was published in the July 6th edition of Newsday.  Ratner was also featured in the New York Observer article "And Justice for All -- Even 'the Worst of the Worst,'" (April 26, 2004). Ratner has argued in support of legal rights for Guantanamo detainees in a case that is now being decided by the U.S. Supreme Court.

  • Scott Horton appeared in the following news articles regarding the prisoner abuse scandals:
    • "A Moral Imperative," The Recorder, July 2, 2004
    • "Tortured Reasoning;The U.S. Department of Justice Attorneys Who Advised the White House on Military Prisoner Policy Bear Responsibility--Both Ethical and Moral--for the Abuse Scandals," The American Lawyer, July 2004
    • "Chain of Command," ABC News, "Nightline," June 16, 2004
    • "The Gray Zone; How a Secret Pentagon Program Came to Abu Ghraib," The New Yorker, May 24, 2004
    • "Abuse Probe Requested," Sunday Age (Melbourne), May 23, 2004

Horton was also quoted regarding his supervision of Mikheil Saakashvili '94 while he was an associate in New York in various newspapers including The American Lawyer and the New York Law Journal.

  • Ellen Chapnick and her new role as the Dean for Social Justice Initiatives were the focus of "The Back Page" feature article in the New York Law Journal's February 20th issue. The article, headlined "Columbia Law Starts New Program for Government and Human Rights," also quoted Harlene Katzman.

  • War crimes scholar Jonathan Bush was quoted in the article "World War II Atrocities, in His Words," which ran in the Austin-American Statesman (April 17, 2004).

  • Anne Bayefsky's article for Commentary magazine earlier this year entitled "The U.N. and the Jews" prompted the United Nations to hold its first conference on Anti-Semitism, according to The Jerusalem Post. Bayefsky's comments at the conference, held on June 21, were featured in several publications, including the Associated Press, Dow Jones Newswire, and The National Post. Bayefsky also penned two articles for the National Review about the U.N. and its response to the Israeli conflict ("Business as Usual," April 26, 2004 and "U.N. vs. Israel," April 20, 2004).
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Centers / Events / Other

  • Law students in Columbia Law School's Environmental Law Clinic assisted the residents of Cartagena, Colombia, and nearby villages in filing a claim with the World Bank Inspection Panel to prevent a sewage-ridden sanitation plant in the area, according to U.S. Newswire ("Colombian Communities Unite in Challenging World Bank Sewerage Outfall Project," April 20, 2004).

  • Distinguished alumni/ae who were mentioned in conjunction with the 50th anniversary celebrations of Brown v. Board of Education at the Law School include former NAACP lawyers or associates Constance Baker Motley '46, Jack B. Weinstein '48, and Robert Carter LL.M. '44, as well as current NAACP LDF President and adjunct faculty member Ted Shaw '79.

  • The Columbia Law School Association awarded the Medal for Excellence to Stanley Temko '43, a senior counsel in Covington & Burling's D.C. office, and E. Allan Farnsworth. The medal is awarded to alumni and faculty members with outstanding professional accomplishments that reflect the law school's missions (Legal Times, February 16, 2004.

  • Excerpts from a roundtable discussion on Nov. 18 co-sponsored by The National Law Journal and Columbia Law School and titled, "Federal Judicial Independence: Who Truly Wields Power in the Courtroom?" were included in the February 23rd issue of the New York Law Journal. The discussion was moderated by NLJ Associate Editor Carla Main and U.S. District Judge and Columbia Law School Professor Gerard Lynch '75.
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