Fall 2004

Full-time Faculty

(listed in reverse alphabetical order)
  • Patricia J. Williams spoke on the history of race in America at the University of Massachusetts, an appearance touted in the Massachusetts Daily Collegian ("Law Professor Set to Finish Lecture Series," October 25, 2004). She also lectured at the Chicago Humanities Festival, which was mentioned in the Chicago Tribune (October 17, 2004), and at the University of Memphis, as reported by The Commercial Appeal ("MacArthur Fellows Speak at U of M, Church," October 17, 2004). Further, Prof. Williams appeared on CNBC's "Topic A with Tina Brown" on November 21, 2004.

    Her latest book, Open House, received four stars and was dubbed a "Critic's Choice" by People magazine (December 6, 2004). It garnered coverage in several other media outlets, including Essence ("Having Her Say," November 2004), ("The Secret History of Black People," December 15, 2004) and the San Jose Mercury News ("Memoir Opens House of Memories," December 1, 2004). The book was further recommended by the Library Journal ("African American Viewpoints: Celebrate Black History Month with 47 great titles," November 1, 2004).

    Additionally, she reviewed a children's book titled Bucking the Sarge for The New York Times ("My Mother the Slumlord," November 14, 2004) and continued writing her regular column for The Nation. Titles of recent columns are:

    • "Economic Bad Boys," September 20, 2004
    • "All Creatures Great and Small," October 4, 2004
    • "Wonderland," October 18, 2004
    • "Voting Blocks," November 15, 2004
    • "Taking the Hospital," November 29, 2004

  • Richard Uviller was featured in the article "High Court's New Term to Reshape Criminal Justice," which appeared in The New York Sun on October 1, 2004.

  • Kendall Thomas was quoted in a Newsday article titled "Civil Liberties: DA Uses Due Process to Undo Dissent" (November 11, 2004) and in a Daily News article titled "Bet on Prez to Reshape High Court" (November 4, 2004).

  • Susan Sturm was included in an article about legal education for women titled "Beyond ‘Sweetie'" (The New York Times, November 7, 2004) and in the article "Faculty Needs More Diversity, Task Force Says" (Columbia Daily Spectator, November 12, 2004).

  • William H. Simon penned an article titled "The Confidentially Fetish" for the December 2004 issue of The Atlantic Monthly. He also continued his regular column, "The Prudent Jurist," for the November/December issue of Legal Affairs. Furthermore, he was interviewed about legal ethics by WABC's investigative reporter, Sarah Wallace, for a November 3rd segment of "Eyewitness News."

  • Catherine Sharkey was quoted on punitive-damage issues in a New York Times article titled "U.S. Court Considers a Once-and-for-All Tobacco Lawsuit" (September 14, 2004).

  • Dean David Schizer was included in the articles "Law School Hosts Environmental Conference" (The Record, October 15, 2004),"Voter Registration Flurry" (The Record, October 15, 2004), "Symposium on Executive Compensation Addresses High Pay, Poor Performance" (The Record, November 8, 2004) and "Columbia and Community Partners Expand Legal Services for Immigrants" (The Record, November 8, 2004).

  • Barbara Schatz was quoted in the article "The GOP as Charity Case," which ran in the Village Voice on September 21, 2004.

  • Eben Moglen's role as general counsel to the Free Software Foundation was mentioned in the article "Why Open-Source Community Objects to MS Spam Plans" (, September 17, 2004). Also, his remarks at a conference on privacy concerns were reported in the article "Panel of National Policy Experts Debated Security & Privacy Implications of New Information Technologies in 'War on Terror'" (U.S. Newsire, October 15, 2004). Prof. Moglen will head a conference session about open source software at the Enterprise Linux Summit, according to Business Wire ("Open Source Software Licensing and the Law to be featured at OSDL's Enterprise Linux Summit," December 15, 2004).

  • Thomas Merrill was quoted in the Chicago Tribune article titled "Lawyers Going Back to School to Learn how Businesses are Run" (September 7, 2004). He was also inducted as a fellow into The American Academy of Arts & Sciences, which received mention in The New York Sun ("American Academy of Arts & Sciences Inducts New Members," October 11, 2004). Additionally, Prof. Merrill was included in the article "Law School Hosts Environmental Conference" in The Record ("October 15, 2004).

  • Ed Lloyd appeared in the article "DEP Commissioner Eases Project Rules," (The Record, October 2, 2004). He was also quoted in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review article titled "Environmental Law Clinics Always Have a Story for You, and Sometimes They're it" (October 24, 2004).

  • James Liebman and/or his studies on death penalty cases were featured in the following articles:

    • "Second Chance for Killer's Accomplice," Tucson Citizen, September 25, 2004
    • "Fewer Death Sentences Being Imposed in U.S.," The New York Times, September 15, 2004
    • "Commentary: It's Time to Reconsider the Death Penalty," Newhouse News Service, November 22, 2004
    • "Is it Time to Rethink the Death Penalty?" The Star-Ledger, November 21, 2004
    • "Supremes to Texas Appeals Court: You Still Don't Get It," The Houston Chronicle, November 21, 2004
    • "It's Past Time for the U.S. to Abolish Capital Punishment," The Idaho Statesman, November 17, 2004
    • "Fox Hannity & Co.," Fox News Network, November 15, 2004

  • Samuel Issacharoff commented on voting rights for several publications, including a New Yorker article titled "Poll Position: Is the Justice Department Poised to Stop Voter Fraud—or to Keep Voters from Voting?" (September 20, 2004), The New Republic's "Rematch: Bush v. Gore, Round 2" (October 4, 2004), "People Who Vote Twice" (Slate Magazine, October 28, 2004), "One Man, One Vote, Two Lawyers" (Business Week, October 25, 2005), "Lost in the Political Thicket" (Legal Affairs, November 1, 2004) and "Parties Dispute What Court Meant in Order for Redistricting Review," (Texas Lawyer, October 25, 2004).

    Prof. Issacharoff also appeared in these articles:
    • "U.S. Court Considers a Once-and-for-All Tobacco Lawsuit," The New York Times, September 14, 2004.
    • "Taxpayer Beware," CFO Magazine, October 2004
    • "Bad Blood," The American Lawyer, December 1, 2004
    • "Lost in the Political Thicket," Legal Affairs, November 2004

  • Jack Greenberg '48 gave a lecture sponsored by the Chicago Bar Association titled "Fifty Years after Brown v. Board of Education: Where Are We Now?" which garnered mention in the Chicago Tribune on October 18, 2004. He was also included in an article titled "Mandela's Lawyer: South Africa's Chief Justice Spends His Sabbatical at Columbia Law Teaching Constitutional Law" (New York Law Journal, November 26, 2004) and "Ruth Bader Ginsburg Returns to Columbia" (The Record, November 8, 2004).

  • Kent Greenawalt was a guest on NPR's "Talk of the Nation" on November 23, 2004, where he spoke about religion in public schools. His book, Does God Belong in Public Schools?, was later reviewed in the Library Journal (December 15, 2004).

  • Jeffrey Gordon organized a symposium on corporate governance that was featured in the article "Symposium on Executive Compensation Addresses High Pay, Poor Performance" (The Record, November 8, 2004).

  • Harvey J. Goldschmid '65 was profiled in the St. Louis Daily Record prior to a lecture about securities regulations ("SEC Commissioner to Lead Discussion of Sarbanes-Oxley Act at MoBar Meeting," September 18, 2004). He was also mentioned in the following articles/programs:

    • "Commissioner Favourite for SEC Chairmanship,", October 10, 2004
    • "Shareholder Proposal is Stalled at SEC," Los Angeles Times, October 9, 2004
    • "Missouri Bar Assn. Panel Explores Sarbanes-Oxley Act," St. Louis Daily Record and St. Charles County Business Record, October 4, 2004
    • "SEC Commissioner to Outline Future of Corporate Governance on Friday at Hofstra School of Law Conference," PR Newswire, October 12, 2004
    • "The SEC: What's on Donaldson's To-Do List," Business Week, November 22, 2004
    • "Harvey Goldschmid to Leave SEC Next Year," Los Angeles Times, November 20, 2004
    • "Perspective on Election & Makeup of the SEC," CNNfn, November 4, 2004
    • "Myron's Call," CNNfn, November 4, 2004

  • Ronald Gilson has been appointed chairman of Mountain View board of directors at American Century Fund, according to Business Wire ("American Century Fund Boards Appoint Independent Chairmen a Year in Advance of SEC Compliance Deadline," December 15, 2004).

  • Philip Genty, who represented a female prisoner seeking to divorce her incarcerated husband, was mentioned in the article "Killer Permitted to Divorce Killer" (The Journal News, October 28, 2004). He also appeared in a New York Magazine article titled "Hell House Revisited" (November 22, 2004).

  • Katherine Franke was quoted in the New York Times article titled "A Treasure in the Attic, Too Toxic to Touch" (October 31, 2004) and the Columbia Daily Spectator article "Much at Stake in Election, Professors Say" (October 29, 2004).

  • George Fletcher was inducted as a 2004 fellow into The American Academy of Arts & Sciences, earning him mention in The New York Sun ("American Academy of Arts & Sciences Inducts New Members," October 11, 2004).

  • Jeffrey Fagan gave a lecture at a symposium called "Innocence in Capital Sentencing" on November 5th, which was promoted in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin (October 28, 2004). Prof. Fagan spoke about his research on the juvenile death penalty on NPR's "Talk of the Nation" (October 12, 2004); his study was also cited in the articles "High Court Gets Passionate Plea from 48 Nations" (New York Sun, October 12, 2004), "Malvo Case Exposes State's Death-Penalty Split" (The Virginian-Pilot, October 7, 2004), "Teen Killers' Executions Weighed" (USA Today, October 12, 2004) and "Jeffrey Fagan's Research on Death Penalty for Juveniles to Play Role in Roper v. Simmons Case" (Columbia Daily Spectator, October 12, 2004).

  • Michael Dorf spoke about campaign finance reform on the September 14th edition of NPR's "Marketplace" and about the future of the Supreme Court on WNBC's November 3rd broadcast of "Channel 4 News" at 11 p.m. He was also featured in an article about privacy rights in the National Law Journal ("Doorknob Swabs Lead to Challenge," September 13, 2004, and was quoted about international influence on the presidential elections in the Dayton Daily News ("The Guardian Did What?" October 22, 2004) and The Guardian ("My Fellow Non-Americans," October 13, 2004). Additionally, Prof. Dorf was quoted in the articles "Not-so-Poetic License: Plates with Messages Stir New Furor" in The Christian Science Monitor (October 18, 2004) and "Parsing the Plans for Med-Mal Reform" in the Connecticut Law Tribune (October 18, 2004).

    Prof. Dorf contines to write columns for Findlaw. Recent topics are:

    • "Can Justice Truly be Blind? Reflections on the New York Yankees, Serena Williams and Frank Quattrone," September 15, 2004
    • "Have We Heard the Last of Yaser Hamdi? Why His Promise not to Sue the Government may not be Binding," September 29, 2004
    • "How Both the Bush and Kerry Plans for Medical Malpractice Reform Override the Rights of Patients—and the Interests of the State," October 13, 2004
    • "Should Sinclair Management be Liable to its Shareholders for Putting Politics over Business? Why Corporate Law Alone Cannot Provide an Answer," October 25, 2004
    • "Should Democrats Move to the Right on Cultural Issues? Lessons of the 2004 Presidential Election and the Civil Rights Movement," November 10, 2004
    • "Does the Constitution Permit the Blue States to Secede? With Permission, Perhaps; Unilaterally, No," November 24, 2004

  • Lori Damrosch was quoted in a Houston Chronicle article titled "High Court Considers Rights of Convicted Foreigners" (December 11, 2004).

  • Kimberle Williams Crenshaw continued to appear on NPR's "Tavis Smiley Show," where she participated in the following programs:

    • "Brazil's Struggle for Racial Equality," September 28, 2004
    • "Brazil and its History," September 24, 2004
    • "Possibility of a New Appointment to the Supreme Court," October 26, 2004
    • "Voting and the Upcoming Election," October 19, 2004
    • "Dealing with Election Depression," November 10, 2004
    • "New Study Says Eliminating Affirmative Action Would Actually Increase the Number of Black Lawyers in the Country," December 15, 2004

  • John C. Coffee, Jr. is the nation's leading commentator on white collar crime, corporate governance and securities. During the fall, he was featured in numerous top tier publications including: Chicago Tribune, Financial Times, The International Herald Tribune, New York Daily News, The Wall Street Journal, Newsday, New York Sun, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The New York Times, The Australian, Chicago Sun-Times, The Times (London), The Daily Deal, The Detroit News, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Tulsa World, The Washington Post, The Seattle Times and The San Francisco Chronicle.

    Additionally he was quoted in legal publications, trade magazines and wire services stories. Publications include, New York Law Journal, National Law Journal, Delaware Law Weekly, Business Wire, Cox News Service,, American Health Line, CBS MarketWatch,, PR Newswire and Mondaq Business Briefing. He penned articles for both the New York Law Journal and the National Law Journal.

    Prof. Coffee also appeared on several news programs, such as NPR's "All Things Considered," CNNfn and NPR's "Morning Edition."

  • Vice Dean Richard Briffault was mentioned in The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel for his role as a moderator at a New York County Lawyers' Association public forum held on November 29 ("NYCLA Plans Forum on Feerick Commission," November 2004). He was also quoted in a Crain's New York Business article titled "J.D. Paper Chase: More Law Students See Degree as Entree to Other Fields" (September 27, 2004) and the People article "Battling to Save Her House" (December 13, 2004).

  • George Bermann was quoted in an article titled "A Wrong Move Can Be Costly When Navigating Different Systems" (The International Herald Tribune, October 23, 2004). Also, he wrote an editorial titled "Europe's Never-Ending Constitution" that was appeared in several international publications, including La Libre (Belgium), La Vanguardia (Spain), Le Figaro (France), ZIUA (Romania), Daily Times (Pakistan), The Straits Times (Singapore) and Taipei Times (Taiwan), among other. The article can be found at Project Syndicate.

  • Vivian Berger '73 penned the article "Time for a Real Raise in Assigned-Counsel Fees" for the National Law Journal (September 13, 2004). The column was reprinted in the September 20th edition of the New Jersey Law Journal. She was also featured in the USA Today article "Court's New Business Looks Like Old Business" on October 1, 2004.
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Adjunct Faculty / Administrative Deans / Directors

(listed in reverse alphabetical order)
  • Ellen Wayne, Dean of Career Services, was quoted in a Crain's New York Business article titled "J.D. Paper Chase: More Law Students See Degree as Entree to Other Fields" (September 27, 2004).

  • Anne Vladeck, an adjunct professor, appeared in a Los Angeles Times article titled "Much at Stake in O'Reilly Empire: The Commentator's Cable TV Future and Various Projects could be Affected by a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit" (October 18, 2004).

  • James Tierney, director of The National State Attorneys General Program, was quoted in several articles about the role of state attorney generals, including "Out There" (Roll Call, September 16, 2004), "Visions Clash in Attorney General Race" (The Patriot-News, October 24, 2004), "So Spitzer is Running for NY Governor After All" (Bloomberg News, December 10, 2004) and "Policing Wall Street" (Tulsa World, December 12, 2004).

  • Steven Shapiro, an adjunct faculty member and the legal director of the ACLU, spoke at a public forum in Hawaii on October 30th; the appearance garnered coverage in The Honolulu Advertiser ("Forum to Discuss Supreme Court," October 13, 2004).

  • Adjunct professor Ted Ruthizer was interviewed about business immigration law in The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel's October issue ("Kramer Levin Adds Business Immigration Expertise to its Portfolio of Services").

  • Arthur Chaskalson, a visiting law professor and the chief justice of the Constitutional Court of South Africa, was profiled by the New York Law Journal in an article titled "Mandela's Lawyer: South Africa's Chief Justice Spends His Sabbatical at Columbia Law Teaching Constitutional Law" (November 26, 2004). He also spoke at a Columbia Law School event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, which was mentioned in the article "Ruth Bader Ginsburg Returns to Columbia" (The Record, November 8, 2004).

  • Ellen Chapnick, Dean of Social Justice Initiatives, was included in the article "Ojala que Bush se Fije en Nosotros," which appeared in Hoy on November 7, 2004, as well as the piece "Columbia and Community Partners Expand Legal Services for Immigrants" (The Record, November 8, 2004). Additionally, Dean Chapnick has been tapped to receive the Father Drinan Award at the Association of American Law Schools' (AALS) 2005 annual meeting in San Francisco.

  • June Besek, director of the Kernochan Center for Law, Media and the Arts, was featured in the article titled "Library of Congress Picks Partners for Digital Archiving," which ran in National Journal's Technology Daily (September 30, 2004).
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Centers / Events / Other


  • Columbia Law School was featured in a Newsday article about training offered for prospective poll watchers during the presidential election ("Voter Protection Plans: Watchdogs Training for Polls," September 19, 2004). The law school's role in training monitors was later mentioned in the Plain Dealer article "Ohio Ballot Battle Heats Up" (October 15, 2004), The New York Times ("Where the Action's at for Poll Watchers: Ohio as the New Florida," October 31, 2004) and The International Herald Tribune ("An Army of Poll Watchers," November 2, 2004). Another Newsday article titled "Battleground States: Lawyers on Watch" included current Law School students Laila Hlass '06, Jonathan Miller '05 and Marina Lim '05 (November 1, 2004). Metro ran an article featuring the program and Ms. Hlass ("Students to Monitor Election," October 8, 2004), while The Record ran an article that included Mr. Miller ("Voter Registration Flurry," October 15, 2004).

  • Columbia Law School, one of several leading law schools to receive a $1 million donation to fund animal-rights law from "The Price is Right" host Bob Barker, was featured in a New York Times article titled "Enlisting Law Schools in Campaign For Animals" (November 27, 2004) and the Time piece "Woof, Woof, Your Honor" (December 13, 2004). The donation was also mentioned briefly in several other daily newspapers.

  • The Law School has joined forces with Alianza Dominicana and the Legal Aid Society to provide services to the increasing number of immigrants in upper Manhattan. The new Immigrants' Rights Program was featured in the following news outlets:

    • "Dominicans Facing Deportation Soon to Get Help," The New York Sun, October 12, 2004
    • "Abren una Clinica Legal para Inmigrantes," Hoy, October 12, 2004
    • "Atacaran Casos de Deportacion," El Diario, October 12, 2004
    • "An Outstanding Alliance of Neighbors," El Diario, October 14, 2004
    • "Group Offers Deportation Counseling," Metro, October 12, 2004
    • "Fox News at 5," WNYW-TV, October 11, 2004
    • "CBS 2 News at 5," WCBS-TV, October 11, 2004
    • "Live at Five," WNBC-TV, October 11, 2004
    • "Columbia and Community Partners Expand Legal Services for Immigrants," The Record, November 8, 2004
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