August 2006

Christian Science Monitor
August 14, 2006
Is Conspiracy a War Crime?

August 14, 2006 Is Conspiracy a War Crime?

GEORGE FLETCHER spoke about the Bush administration's attempts to prosecute those held at Guantanamo Bay for conspiracy to commit terrorism in the wake of the Supreme Court's decision in the Hamdam case, where the justices struck down military commissions at Guantanamo because they did not comply with the requirements of the Geneva Conventions. Four justices ruled that the Guantanamo commissions did not have jurisdiction under the law of war to prosecute suspected Al Qaeda members for allegedly engaging in a conspiracy.

Of the government's attempts to undermine the Supreme Court decision, Prof. Fletcher said that it is "just contempt for the court's opinion ... most people around the world look at the Hamdan decision as a return to the rule of law. If Congress defies the Supreme Court and says: 'No, we think we can get around this,' it will hurt the country enormously."


August 14, 2006
When God is in the Lyrics

MICHAEL DORF commented on a New Jersey free speech case in which a child was banned from singing a religious-themed song at an elementary school talent show. Prof. Dorf said the girl's free-speech argument should make a decision in her favor "a no brainer" for the court.

US Department of State Webchat
August 8, 2006
Understanding International Law

Since the end of World War II, multilateral agreements, international treaties and law-making bodies have proliferated. Concepts of international law are changing. In our rapidly globalizing world, what is "international law" and what is its role and limitations? How does U.S. law relate to international law? Is it fair? How is it enforced? What role does the United States play in the international community? Join JOSE ALVAREZ, president of the American Society of International Law and a professor at Columbia Law School, in a webchat to find out.

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