David Paul Horowitz

Lecturer in Law

David Paul Horowitz

Lecturer in Law

David Paul Horowitz has been a civil litigator in New York for more than 29

years and is a member of Geringer, McNamara & Horowitz.  

He is the author of New York Civil Disclosure, LexisNexis, 2014, the nine

volume treatise Benders New York Evidence and, since 2004, the monthly

disclosure and evidence column “Burden of Proof” in the NYSBA Journal.

He has taught New York practice, evidence, electronic evidence and

disclosure, and professional responsibility at several New York law schools.

Horowitz serves on the Office of Court Administration’s CPLR Advisory

Committee and was an associate reporter to the New York Pattern Jury

Instruction (P.J.I.) Committee.

Horowitz is a frequent lecturer for the Judicial Institute and bar associations

throughout New York, and was selected by the New York Board of Bar

Examiners to present the mandatory Uniform Bar Examination lectures in

New York Civil Practice commencing with the July 2016 examination.

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