William K. Jones

Charles Evans Hughes Professor Emeritus of Law

Professor William K. Jones died on July 28, 2009, at age 78. He will be remembered as a man of "extraordinary integrity," said Peter L. Strauss, Betts Professor of Law. Read more about his life and contribution to the law.

B.A., Columbia, 1952; LL.B., 1954. Editor-in-chief, Columbia Law Review. After a year as law clerk to Justice Tom Clark of the U.S. Supreme Court and a year of other government service, he spent three years in private practice in Cleveland.

Professor Jones joined the Columbia faculty in 1959. He served on the President's Task Force on Antitrust Policy, 1967-68, and as consultant to the President's Task Force on Telecommunications Policy, 1968; to the Federal Communications Commission, 1968; and to the Ford Foundation, 1967-68. Public service commissioner for the State of New York, 1970-74.

Publications include Cases and Materials on Regulated Industries (1976) and Cases and Materials on Electronic Mass Media (1979), as well as monographs on the licensing of interstate trucking firms, domestic airlines, and major broadcast facilities, and on state regulation of CATV.

Articles are in the fields of contracts, torts, property, and law and economics.