Thomas J. Brennan

Justin W. D'Atri Visiting Professor of Law, Business, and Society (Spring 2014)

Office: Room 814
Tel: 212-854-3119

Assistant Info

Name: Sara Kuperminc
Phone: 212-854-0722
  • Princeton University, A.B. (summa cum laude)
  • Harvard University, A.M.(mathematics)
  • Harvard University, Ph.D (mathematics)
  • Harvard University, J.D. (cum laude)

Thomas J. Brennan is a Professor of Law at Northwestern University School of Law and a Professor of Finance, by courtesy, at Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management.  His current research focuses on applying finance and economics to analyze and inform tax policy, as well as using empirical methods to investigate the effects of tax laws and the strategic behavior of taxpayers.  He also studies how finance and economics can inform other areas of the law, with a recent focus on regulations designed to limit risk.  In addition, he has used empirical methods to study the sensitivity of judicial behavior to economic conditions.  His ongoing work also includes the use of mathematical methods to obtain new insights into the theory of finance.

Selected Publications
  • “Dynamic Loss Probabilities and Implications for Financial Regulation” in Yale Journal on Regulation (forthcoming 2014).  (with Andrew W. Lo)

  • “Law and Finance: The Case of Constructive Sales” 5 Annual Review of Financial Economics 259–276 (2013).
  • "Do Labyrinthine Legal Limits on Leverage Lessen the Likelihood of Losses? An Analytical Framework" in 90 Texas Law Review 1775 (2012). (with Andrew W. Lo)
  • "The Origin of Behavior" in 1 Quarterly Journal of Finance 55-108 (2011). (with Andrew W. Lo)
  • "Impossible Frontiers" in 56 Management Science 905-923 (2010). (with Andrew W. Lo)
  • "What Happens After a Holiday?: Long-Term Effects of the Repatriation Provision of the AJCA" in 5 Northwestern Journal of Law and Social Policy 1-18 (2010).
  • "The Political Economy of Judging" in 93 Minnesota Law Review 1503-1534 (2009). (with Lee Epstein and Nancy Staudt )
  • "Economic Trends and Judicial Outcomes: A Macrotheory of the Court" in 58 Duke Law Journal 1191-1230 (2009). (with Lee Epstein and Nancy Staudt )
  • "Measuring the Tax Subsidy in Private Equity and Hedge Fund Compensation" in 60 Hastings Law Journal 27-59 (2008). (with Karl S. Okamoto )