Margit Cohn

Hebrew University Exchange Visiting Professor of Law (Fall 2012–Spring 2013)


Areas of Teaching and Research

  • Public law
  • The judiciary
  • Executive powers
  • Comparative public law
  • Constitutional theory


  • Hebrew University of Jerusalem, LL.D.
  • Hebrew University of Jerusalem, LL.M. (magna cum laude)
  • Hebrew University of Jerusalem, LL.B. (magna cum laude)

Margit Cohn is a senior lecturer at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, under a joint appointment at the Faculty of Law and the Federman School of Public Policy and Government. Cohn was previously a lecturer in law at the University of Leicester, U.K., and a visiting scholar at Georgetown University and the University of Oxford. She has taught at the London Centre of Transnational Legal Studies, Tulane University, and Université Jean Moulin Lyon III. Cohn’s research interests in public law include comparative constitutional law, the study of executive powers, the nature and politics of judicial review, law and religion, regulation, and other aspects of the interaction between law, society, and politics. Prior to pursuing an academic career, she served as an in-house counsel at Israel’s central bank.

While visiting at Columbia Law School, Cohn will teach Comparative Constitutional Law. Her current research focuses on the nature and workings of the executive branch of government. This comparative study addresses, inter alia, the extent and styles of legislative grants of power; the use of “patchwork legislation,” or the existence of several, partially overlapping statutory arrangements regulating a field, with a focus on emergency legislation; and presidential executive orders and other unilateral (semi)formal measures issued by executives, all in a comparative context.

Selected Publications
  • “Domestic Sovereignty: Hierarchies, Dialogues and Networks” in Sovereignty in Question  (Richard Rawlings, Peter Leyland & Alison Young, eds.; Oxford University Press, forthcoming)
  • “Human Dignity” in Routledge Handbook of Constitutional Law (Thomas Fleiner, Cheryl Saunders, and Mark Tushnet, eds.; Routledge, forthcoming) (with Dieter Grimm)
  • “Pure or Mixed? The Evolution of Three Grounds of Judicial Review of the Administration in British and Israeli Administrative Law” in Journal of Comparative Law (forthcoming)
  • “Unreasonableness in Administrative Law: Comparative Aspects and Some Normative Comments” in Theodor Or Book (Aharon Barak and Ron Sokol, eds.; Nevo Publishing, forthcoming) (in Hebrew)
  • “Law and Regulation: The Form and Role of Law in Regulation” in Handbook of the Politics of Regulation (David Levi-Faur, ed.; Edward Elgar, 2011)
  • Energy Law: Israel, International Encyclopædia of Laws (Kluwer Law International, 2010)
  • “Form, Formula and Constitutional Ethos: The Political Question/Justiciability Doctrine in Three Common Law Systems” in 59 American Journal of Comparative Law 675 (2011)
  • “Legal Transplant Chronicles: The Evolution of Unreasonableness and Proportionality Review of the Administration in the United Kingdom” in 58 American Journal of Comparative Law 583 (2010)
  • “Everything Flows: Mark Tushnet’s Rights Revolution and the Impact of Constitutional Dialogue” in 42 Israel Law Review 472 (2010)
  • “Judicial Review of Non-Statutory Executive Powers after Bancoult: A Unified Anxious Model” in 2009 Public Law260 (2009)
  • “Judicial Activism in the House of Lords: A Composite Constitutionalist Approach” in 2007 Public Law 95 (2007)