Lawrence Rosen

Adjunct Professor of Law

B.A., Brandeis, 1963; Ph.D., J.D. University of Chicago, 1968, 1974. Member, Institute for Advanced Study 1970. Professor and chair, Anthropology, Princeton University; adjunct professor at Columbia since 1979. MacArthur Fellow, 1981; Guggenheim Fellow; Visiting Fellow Oxford and Cambridge; Visiting Professor of Law at Pennsylvania, Northwestern, Georgetown. Courses on anthropology and law, American Indians and the Law.

Lawrence Rosen has been an adjunct professor at the law school since 1979. He is Cromwell Professor of Anthropology at Princeton, has worked as an attorney on cases involving native rights, and has published extensively on Islamic law, law and society, and anthropological theory. His most recent books are Law as Culture, and Varieties of Muslim Experience.