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B.A., Columbia, 1964; Ph.D., Sociology, Columbia, 1969; Adolphe Quetelet Professor of Social Science, 1989 to 2001; Professor of Sociology, Columbia University from 1976 to present; Adjunct Professor, Rockefeller University, 1983-1985; Vice President of Arts and Sciences, Columbia University, 1987-1989; Provost and Dean of Faculties, Columbia University, 1989-2003. Director, Center for the Social Sciences, 1979-1987; Fellow, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford, California, 1975-76; John Simon Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship, 1975-76; Elected Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1992; Cavaliere Ufficiale in the Order of Merit of the Republic of Italy, 1996; Commendatore in the Order of Merit of the Republic of Italy, 2003; "National Associate" U.S. National Academies of Sciences, 2003. Member, Council on Foreign Relations, 2003. Member, American Philosophical Society, 2005; Served on multiple national committees of the NSF, NRC, and NAS. Recent Board Memberships: Urban Justice Center, 2003; JED Foundation, 2003; Italian Academy for Advanced Studies in America, 1992-2003; President of Reid Hall Inc., Paris, 1989-2003; Marconi International Fellowship Foundation, 1997. Some publications in the sociology of science, science policy, and higher education, include: Social Stratification in Science (with Stephen Cole) (1973); Peer Review in the National Science Foundation: Phase One (1978) and Phase Two (1981) of a Study (co-authored); Fair Science: Women in the Scientific Community (1979); The Wages of Writing: Per Word, Per Piece, or Perhaps (1986) (co-authored); The Outer Circle: Women in the Scientific Community (1991) (co-edited and author); The Research University in a Time of Discontent (co-edited and author)(1994); multiple journal publications on similar topics. Currently working on a book on the critical importance of American research universities and why they are under threat. Teaching interests include social theory; science and science policy; problems in higher education; the uses and abuses of social theories, social facts, and empirical evidence in legal decision-making.