Janice Tudy-Jackson

Lecturer in Law

Tel: (212) 281-5004
Fax: 212) 281-2325
Email: jtudyjackson@gmail.com

Janice Tudy-Jackson has served as a Lecturer-in- Law at Columbia Law School since 1997. She is a facilitator, mediator, trainer, and educator, with extensive experience in conflict management and collaborative processes. Founded in 1999, her private Collaboration & Conflict Management Consulting practice focuses on: intra- and inter-organizational, as well as community-wide, national and international Intervention, Training and Coaching, in:

• Complex, multi-party conflict resolution;
• Collaborative Planning and Problem-solving;
• Organizational Development, Strategic Planning, and Change Management;
• Team-Building; and
• Restorative Justice.

She has, also, served on the faculty for courses and workshops offered by the American Bar Association; the New York City Bar Association; the National Legal Aid & Defender Association’s National Leadership Institute; the Association for Conflict Resolution of Greater New York; and the New York State Dispute Resolution Association. In 2013,

Ms. Tudy-Jackson served as Visiting Professor, with the University of Parma (Italy) Law Faculty – English For Law & International Transactions (EFLIT) Program, where she taught Negotiation Seminars and Workshops, in Parma, Modena and Milan, Italy. Additionally, since 2004, she has twice served as Visiting Professor, for Sophia University’s (Bulgaria) joint graduate and doctoral programs with Ignatius University, for diplomats, from various countries, who are serving, at the United Nations headquarters.

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Ms. Tudy-Jackson served in various positions, with Continental Grain Company, where she was elected Vice President Labor Relations-World Grain Division (1975 – 1989); was a Labor & Employment Associate, with Morgan, Lewis & Bockius (1992 – 1994); and served as Senior Director of Safe Horizon Mediation Programs, in New York City (1994 – 1999). 

She earned a B.A., in 1977, from City College of New York; a M.S.I.L.R. (Industrial & Labor Relations), in 1989, conferred jointly by Cornell University and Baruch College; and a J.D. from Columbia Law School, in 1992.