Janice Tudy-Jackson

Lecturer in Law

Office: 2569 A.C. Powell Blvd., Ste.9L
Tel: (212) 281-5004
Fax: 212) 281-2325
Email: jtudyjackson@gmail.com
Janice Tudy-Jackson is a facilitator, mediator, trainer, and educator, with extensive experience in conflict management and collaborative processes. Her private Collaboration & Conflict Management Consulting practice focuses on:

• Intra- and inter-organizational, as well as community-wide, national and international Intervention, Training and Coaching;

• Collaborative Planning and Problem-solving;

• Organizational Development and Strategic Planning;

• Complex, multi-party conflict resolution;

• Team-Building; and

• Restorative Justice.

She, also, serves on the faculty for courses and workshops offered by the American Bar Association; the New York City Bar Association; the National Legal Aid & Defender Association’s National Leadership Institute; the Association for Conflict Resolution of Greater New York; and the New York State Dispute Resolution Association. Additionally, since 2004, she has twice served as Visiting Professor, for Sophia/Ignatius Universities’ graduate and doctoral programs, for diplomats, from various countries, who are serving, at the United Nations headquarters.

Previously, Ms. Tudy-Jackson served in various positions, with Continental Grain Company, where she was elected Vice President Labor Relations-World Grain Division (1975 – 1989); was a Labor & Employment Associate, with Morgan, Lewis & Bockius (1992 – 1994); and served as Senior Director of Safe Horizon Mediation Programs, in New York City (1994 – 1999).

She earned a B.A., in 1977, from City College of New York; an M.S.I.L.R., conferred jointly by Cornell University and Baruch College (1989); and a J.D. from Columbia Law School, in 1992.