Deng Feng

BEIDA Exchange Visiting Associate Professor of Law (Fall 2012)


Areas of Teaching and Research

  • Corporation and enterprise law
  • General principles of economic law
  • Corporate governance and firm theory
  • Law and economics
  • Merger, acquisition, and reorganization
  • Practical contracting


  • Renmin University of China Law School, Doctor of Law, 2001
  • Renmin University of China Law School, Master of Law, 1998
  • Renmin University of China Law School, Bachelor of Law, 1995


Professor Deng Feng was born in the Shandong Province in 1973. He earned his Bachelor of Law (1995), Master of Law (1998), and Doctor of Law (2001) from Renmin University of China Law School in succession and majored in economic law. He studied at Guanghua School of Management as a post-doctoral candidate with a major in industrial organization theory from 2001 to 2003. After that, he joined the faculty of law at Peking University. He visited Harvard University as a Harvard-Yenching fellow from 2006 to 2007, focusing on the history of law and economics. Now, he is an associate professor and serves as co-director of the Peking University Institute of Law and Economics.

Feng's study interest lies in corporation and enterprise law, regulation and antitrust, and law and economics. He taught classes that included Corporation and Enterprise Law, General Principles of Economic Law, Corporate Governance and Firm Theory, Law and Economics, Merger, Acquisition & Reorganization, and Practical Contracting for both undergraduate and postgrauduate students. He has published several books, including Common Corporation Law, Pandect of Economic Law (co-author), and more than 50 articles, essays, and papers in a range of journals.

Selected Publications

  • Common Corporation Law, Beijing: Remin University of China Press, 2009
  • Pandect of Economic Law, co-author, 2nd edition, Legal Press, 2008
  • "An Achilles' Heel of Manager's Interest Conflict Legal Institutions in China: Without the Concept of Corporation as a Common Pool" in Jurists, Vol. 2009, Issue 4, pp. 79-88
  • "Evolution and Mechanism Design of Capital Regulation: A Comparative Perspective of Sino-U.S. Corporate Law, 2008" in Legal Science in China, Vol. 2009, Issue 1, pp. 99-109
  • "Why China Adopted the Civil Legal System: A Political Economic Explanation of Transitional Justice in Later Ch'ing's Empire" in Peking University Law Journal, Vol. 21, No.2, 2009, pp. 165-186
  • "Conflicts of Regulatory Method and Industrial Policy: Lurch of Small & Medium Enterprise in China" in Ajou Law Journal, Vol. 2, No. 2, 2008, pp.33-79.