Bruno Deffains

Visiting Professor of Law


Areas of teaching and research

  • Law and economics
  • Industrial organization
  • Public economics
  • French National Exam for full professorship, 1998
  • University of Nancy, Ph.D., 1991

Bruno Deffains is a professor of economics at University Paris 2 Panthéon Assas and a member of the Institut Universitaire de France. He is an associate professor at the University of Liverpool and president of the European Law and Economics Association. He is also member of the French Bar Association.

Deffain’s research interests include law and economics, industrial organization, and public economics. He is especially interested in the economic evaluation of legal systems including arbitration and mediation, contracts and liability, and corporate law. His current research programs are devoted to the interaction between moral/social norms and legal rules and the evaluation of legal uncertainty in common and civil law countries.

Previously, Deffains has taught at Siena, Montreal, Berlin, Lausane, Rabat, Wiesbaden, and Yale Law School.

Selected Publications

“Endogenous Preferences and Legal Dynamics,” International Review of Law and Economics, forthcoming

“To litigate or not to litigate? The impacts of third-party financing on litigation,” International Review of Law and Economics, forthcoming

“Legal Liability when Individuals have Moral Concerns,” Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, forthcoming

“Legal versus Normative Incentives under Courts Error,” Economie et Prevision, forthcoming

“Severe or gentle bankruptcy law: Which impact on investing and financing decisions?,” Economic Modelling

“Trust and Legal Institutions: an Empirical Approach,” Journal of Institutional Economics, forthcoming

“Legal Convergence and the Dynamics of Legal Convergence,” Public Choice

“Outsourcing as a Commitment Device,” Journal of Economic and Management Strategy

 “Class actions, Compliance and Moral Costs,” Review of Law and Economics

“Corporate governance and financial development: a study of the French case,” European Journal of Law and Economics

“Competitive Dynamics Between MNOs in the Mobile Telecommunications Single Market: Lessons from the U.S. Experience,” Communications & Strategies

“Informational externalities and the incentives to settle in Mass Tort litigations,” European Journal of Law and Economics

“The Dynamics of Legal Systems,” Journal of Economic Behavior et Organization

“The Multiplier of Public Expenditure on Justice: The Case of Rental Litigation,” Review of Law and Economics

“Optimal production of transplant care services,” Journal of Public Economics

“Labor Contract, Specific Investments et the Law: what is the role of the Judge?,” Labour Economics