Anthony Ewing

Lecturer in Law

Tel: 718-541-2741
B.A., Yale, 1990; J.D., Columbia (David Berger Memorial Prize; editor-in-chief, Columbia Human Rights Law Review), 1995.

As a partner at Logos Consulting Group and a senior fellow of the Logos Institute, counsels senior executives on corporate responsibility, crisis management and communications strategy. His corporate responsibility practice has helped companies and trade associations to engage stakeholders, define corporate human rights standards, and implement compliance programs and partnerships. From 1995 to 2002, as a managing director of the business and public policy consulting firm Clark & Weinstock, counseled U.S. and foreign multinational corporations, trade associations and international organizations on corporate responsibility programs, public affairs strategies, strategic and crisis communications, and media and investor relations. Also advises nonprofit executives on strategic planning, board relations, and communications strategy. He has worked with the Executive Office of the UN Global Compact, the World Conference of Religions for Peace, the International League for Human Rights, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, and an international development organization in Central America.

Admitted to the bar in New York and New Jersey.

Publications and Presentations

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