Courses in History and Law


Critical Legal Thought, L6173
Professor Franke

Readings in Legal Thought, L8662
Professor Ginsburg

Reconstruction from the Right, L8680
Professor Graetz

Nuremberg Trials and War Crimes Law, L9183
Professor Bush



American Legal History, L6213
Professor Moglen

Biblical Jurisprudence, L9453
Professor Fletcher

Nuremberg Trials & War Crimes Law, L9283
Professor Bush



American Legal History
Professor Witt

English Legal History
Professor Moglen

Constitutional History of American Empire
Professor Burnett

Constitutional Ideas of the Founding Era
Professor Hamburger

Nuremberg Trials and War Crimes Law
Professor Bush



The History of International Law: The Law of War as Case Study, L6474
Professor Witt, Professor Moyn

American Legal History, L3419
Professor Witt

Slavery and Emancipation in U.S. History, HIST W4518
Professor Foner

Laws of War in the Middle Ages, HIST W4060
Professor Kosto