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The Center for Korean Legal Studies (CKLS) at Columbia Law School

in partnership with

Korea Institute for National Unification (KINU), Seoul, Korea


CKLS-KINU Inter-Korean Law and Policy Institute

2015 Conference

Inter-Korean Relations and the Unification Process in Regional and Global Contexts

October 22, 2015

Columbia Law School, New York

Faculty House, Presidential Room

9:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Open to the Columbia Community and the General Public

9:40 -  Opening Remarks: Joseph Harte, Executive Director, CKLS

9:45 -  Welcome Remarks: Jeong-Ho Roh, Director, CKLS; Jong-Chul Park, Senior Research Fellow, Center for Unification Policy, KINU

Session I: Prospects for Inter-Korean Relations after 70 years of Division: Historical, Regional and Legal Perspectives

10:00 - 10:55   Historical and Legal Perspectives on Inter-Korean Relations in a Regional and Global Context

 Moderator: Barry K. Gills, University of Helsinki

  • Jong-Chul Park, KINU – A Search for Introducing Confidence Building Measures and Peace Regime on the Korean Peninsula
  • Jeong-Ho Roh, Columbia Law School – Multilateralism, Law and Evolution of the "Korean Question"
  • Changseok Yang, Kaesong Industrial District Foundation – Review on the Previous South Korean Government Policies for Unification and Future Policy Options

    Discussant: Gong Gu Suh, KINU

    Audience Q&A

11:00 - 11:55   Regional Cooperation, Inter-Korean Relations and the Unification Process

 Moderator: Rhea Siers, George Washington University

  • Joseph Harte, Columbia Law School –  Law and Global Governance for Korean Unification and Inter-Korean Relations
  • Sue Mi Terry, Managing Director, Bower Group Asia –  Novus Ordo Seclorum: United Korea and the Regional Balance of Power
  • Jung-Hyun Cho, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Law School – Recent International Responses to the North Korean Human Rights Situation

    Discussant: Henri Feron, Columbia Law School

    Audience Q&A


Session II: Inter-Korean Relations in a Globalizing World: Systemic Considerations and Current Issues

1:30 - 2:15   Global and Systemic Considerations

Moderator: Joseph Harte, CKLS

  • Barry K. Gills, University of Helsinki – The Global South in a Globalizing World: Implications for North Korean Development and Inter-Korean Relations
  • Charles Armstrong, Columbia University Divided Nations in an Integrated World: Explaining the Post-War Continuity of Korean Division
  • Douglas Arner, University of Hong Kong – Regional Financial Governance: East Asia [Paper Contribution Only]

    Discussant: Sukhoon Hong, KINU

    Audience Q&A

2:20 - 3:40  Current Issues: International Investment and Cyber Security

Moderator: Jeong-Ho Roh, CKLS

 A. Inter-Korean Investment Development and International Cooperation

  • Kyu-Chang Lee, KINU   Analysis and Evaluation of North Korea's Legal System for External Economics
  • Michael A. Hay, Hay, Kalb & Associates (Pyongyang Law Offices)  New Investment Laws and International Arbitration in the DPRK: What Impact for Inter-Korean Relations and Unification Efforts?

  B. International Cooperation and the North Korean Cyber Security Threat

  • Kyung-Ok Do, KINU –  Emerging Issues Relating to Cyber-Attacks: An International Legal Analysis of the Sony Hack
  • Rhea Siers, George Washington University –  The Aftermath of Sony: Threat, Retaliation, Deterrence and International Cyber Norms

    Discussant: Henri Feron, Columbia Law School

    Audience Q&A


3:45 - 4:00  Closing Remarks