Report (Spring, 2003)

Law School Report, Spring 2003


Jeong-Ho Roh served as co-editor of the Constitutional Handbook on Korean Unification (KERI, Seoul, Korea, 2003), a project that involved more than 15 authors from Germany, Korea, and the United States and took more than five years to complete. He co-authored two chapters: "Designing a Constitutional Foundation for Korean Unification: An Overview" and "Formulating a Unified Constitution for Unification." Other contributors include Professor Curtis Milhaupt, whose chapter is titled "Privatization and Corporate Governance: Strategy for a Unified Korea."



Mr. Roh is also a contributor to Korea's Democratization (Cambridge University Press, 2003), a book that examines the progress of and challenges facing South Korea. In January, Mr. Roh gave a talk titled "The South Korean Presidential Election: Its Meaning for Korea, Northeast Asia, and the United States" at an East Asian Institute Brown Bag Lecture.