Report (Winter 2005)

Law School Report, Winter 2005

This year, the center created the Korean Language and Cultural Exchange program, which matches visiting Korean scholars and J.D. students interested in improving their English/Korean language skills by discussing topics related to the laws and legal system of the United States and Korea.  The initial program matched five visiting scholars with five J.D. students.



In December, the center sponsored a one-day inaugural roundtable on North Korea called Dynamics on the Korean Peninsula in the Aftermath of the U.S. Presidential Elections. The event was made possible by funding from the Ministry of Unification of Korea.



Director Roh contributed a chapter titled "The Legal and Institutional Approach to Inter-Korean Relations" in Inter-Korean Relations: Problems and Prospects (Palgrave-Macmillan, 2004).



Mr. Roh made his sixth visit to North Korea since 2002 (see pictures below) to visit the site of the nuclear power plant being constructed under the auspices of KEDO. Work has been suspended since a dispute involving North Korea's nuclear activities. Mr. Roh traveled by high-speed ship from South Korea to Kumho, the site of the nuclear power plant. After a two-day stay, he traveled overland to Hamhung and then to Pyongyang by air. He also had a rare opportunity to visit the Pyongyang subway, which had in the past been strictly off-limits to foreigners.




The North Korean subway system makes up in opulence for what it lacks in size. Chandeliers, marble tile, and colorful murals adorn the brightly lit platforms of the Pyongyang metro.















Ever-present reminders of idealized life in the DPRK are rife throughout the city. Here the "Great Leader" Kim Il Sung walks among the common workers.













Form vs. Function: Platforms and tunnels are buried deep in the earth doubling as bunkers.















Mr. Roh and colleagues pose for a photograph while work continues on a nuclear reactor that rises on the Kumho landscape.













Mr. Roh visits the rural areas of North Korea. He is pictured with a senior member of the North Korean negotiating team.