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The Center for Korean Legal Studies at Columbia Law School is a national focal point for research, scholarship and exchange on Korean law and legal institutions. Established in 1994 through the generous support of the Korea Foundation and the Hankook Tire Group, the Center was the first of its kind in the United States dedicated solely to the study of Korean Law. With the approaching 20th Anniversary of the Center in 2014, the Center is now engaged in a revitalization and expansion project aimed at properly reflecting the critical role of Korean law and legal institutions in East Asia and the emerging global legal order.

Bringing together scholars, practitioners and students from around the world, the mission of the Center is to support the pursuit of research, education and debate on a broad range of issues impacting the Korean peninsula from a law and policy perspective. Past topics of focus have included the replacement of the 1953 armistice agreement with a permanent peace treaty from the perspective of international law, the legal underpinnings for addressing North Korea's current nuclear capabilities, and the legal roots, implications and outcomes of South Korea's phenomenal economic development.

As an academic institution, the Center for Korean Legal Studies at Columbia Law School is the only center devoted entirely to the study of both the South and North Korean legal systems. The Center has recently expanded its course on Korean legal affairs into two new courses. In the Fall semester, Korean Legal System in the Global Economy provides a critical survey of the South Korean legal system and the place of Korean law in the global legal order. In the Spring, Geopolitics of Law and Conflict on the Korean Peninsula addresses the complexities of North Korean domestic and international legal issues. As the only course of its kind taught at an American university, this course is now a part of the Columbia Law School's Roger Hertog Program on Law and National Security. Other noteworthy programs offered through the Center are the Korean Law Forum, the Annual Summer Trade Law Seminar for trainees of the Korea Judicial Research and Training Institute, and a Visiting Scholars program.


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