Papers by Participating Students

JD and graduate students play a critical role in the ongoing research of the democratic experimentalism project at Columbia Law School. Below is a list of some recent papers by current students and recent graduates who began their work while at Columbia.

Published Articles

Michael Burger, "A Watershed Moment: A New Environmental Movement is Born," Next American City, Issue 4, (2004).

Timothy Casey, "When Good Intentions Are Not Enough: Problem-Solving Courts and the Impending Crisis of Legitimacy," 57 SMU Law Rev. 1459 (Fall 2004).

Jamison E. Colburn, "Democratic Experimentalism: A Separation of Powers for Our Time?," 37 Suffolk L. Rev. 287 (2004).

Cristie Lee Ford, "In Search of the Qualitative Clear Majority: Democratic Experimentalism and the Quebec Secession Reference," 39:2 Alberta Law Review 1 (2001).

Cristie Lee Ford, "Toward a Reform-Minded Model for Securities Law Enforcement," forthcoming in Administrative Law Review, Vol. 57, no. 3 (September 2005).

Cristie Lee Ford, "The Ties That Bind: A Review of Michael Ignatieff's The Rights Revolution," Canadian Public Policy, Vol. XXVII, No. 4 (2001).

Brian Galle, "Can Federal Agencies Authorize Private Suits Under Section 1983?," 69 Brooklyn Law Review 163 (2003).

Brandon Garrett, "Remedying Racial Profiling," 33 Columbia Human Rights Law Review 41 (2001).

Brandon Garrett, "Standing while Black: Distinguishing Lyons in Racial Profiling Cases," 100 Columbia Law Review 1815 (2000).

Kirsty Gover and Natalie Baird, "Identifying the Maori Treaty Partner," 52 Univ. of Toronto L.J. 39 (2002).

Kyung M. Lee, "Reinventing Gideon v. Wainwright: Holistic Defenders, Indigent Defendants, and the Right to Counsel," 31 Am. J. Crim. L. 367 (2004).

James S. Liebman and Brandon L. Garrett, "Experimentalist Equal Protection," Yale Law and Policy Review, vol. 22, no. 2, pp. 261-327, (2004).

James S. Liebman and Brandon L. Garrett, "Madisonian Equal Protection," Columbia Law Review, vol. 104, no. 4, pp. 837-974, (2004).

Stacy Laira Lozner, "Diffusion of Local Regulatory Innovations: The San Francisco CEDAW Ordinance and the New York City Human Rights Initiative", 104 Colum. L. Rev. 768 (2004).

Jason Parkin, "Constructing Meaningful Access to Work: Lessons from the Port of Oakland Project Labor Agreement", 35 Colum. Human Rights L. Rev. 375 (2004).

Ursula A. Wynhoven, "Case Study of How Novartis International AG Has Begun the Process of Delivering on its Commitment to the Global Compact"

Works in Progress/Unpublished Works

Zvi Gabbay, "Justifying Restorative Justice: A Theoretical Justification for the Use of Restorative Justice Practices."

Zvi Gabbay, "Holding restorative justice accountable: using democratic experimentalism to monitor and evaluate restorative justice programs in the ."

Nathan Hume, "Dealing with Diversity: Pragmatic Multiculturalism in the British Columbia Treaty Process."

Chaundra King, Brian Goldberg, Sally Peacock, "Beyond Comparative Proportionality Review: An Experimentalist Approach to Eliminating Aberrant Death Sentences."

Julissa Reynoso, "Toward A New System of Public Administration and Local Problem-Solving: Lessons from the Bronx."

Julissa Reynoso and Tiffany Wong, "Education Reform: A Case Study of Texas."