Center Symposia

  • The Patriot Act: Keep It, Change It, or Toss It?
    April, 2004

    The Patriot Act Symposia was a two-hour roundtable discussion of the Patriot Act held at Columbia Law School and open to the general legal community. The discussion focused on three principal topics: (1) the Act's surveillance provisions; (2) the sharing of information between law enforcement and intelligence agencies; and (3) the Act's provisions for obtaining infomation from third parties such as libraries, during the course of a national security investigation. Click here to read more. 

  • Terrorism and Civil Liberties
    February, 2004

    The Conference on Terrorism and Civil Liberties was a half-day symposium convened solely for the 25 students in the proseminar, "National Security, Law Enforcement, and Terrorism." Its purpose was to introduce the students to a range of academic debate on issues related to terrorism and national security. Three academic papers were presented. Click here to learn more.

  • Community Courts and Community Justice
    April, 2003

    The Symposium on Community Courts and Community Justice convened judges, social scientists, legal scholars and professionals who work in and study "problem-solving courts" and community-based institutions that practice therapeutic jurisprudence. The papers were published in the American Criminal Law Review, Volume 40, Number 4, in Fall 2003Click here to learn more.