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The New Kinship is the Old Kinship

Start/End Tuesday, April 16, 2013 12:10 PM EDT -- 01:10 PM EDT
Location Name JGH 940

Kimberly Mutcherson is a Sabbatical Visitor at the Center for Gender and Sexuality Law. Mutcherson is Professor of Law at Rutgers Law where she teaches courses on bioethics, torts, family law, South African constitutional law, and health law policy, specifically the global HIV/AIDS epidemic. 

The notion of families as kin networks has often been tied to blood and the power of blood ties runs deeply through the law especially as between parents and children. However, the thriving market in assisted reproduction forces lawmakers and policymakers to grapple with how to define and protect kinship ties and how to understand ties of blood. A place of particular contestation on this question is in discussions about eliminating anonymity in the market for sperm. In the United States, scholars and some policymakers clamor for an end to anonymous sales of sperm in favor of systems that would allow children born from purchased sperm to know their genetic origins at some later point in life. This lecture explores and challenges the notion that an end of the market in the sale of anonymous sperm is, in fact, a policy goal worth pursuing based on the current crop of arguments being used to support such a change in the law.

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