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Human Rights & International Humanitarian Law in Non-International Armed Conflict

Start/End Tuesday, February 12, 2013 12:10 PM EST -- 01:10 PM EST
Location Name Jerome Greene Hall Room 102

Marco Sassoli, Director of the Department of International Law and International Organization at the University of Geneva will discuss human rights and International Humanitarian Law (the law of war) in non-international armed conflict. As treaty, IHL is less detailed in non-international armed conflicts. Because most of these conflicts occur on the territory of the State involved, Human Rights Law should have a greater role than it does in international armed conflicts. However, as customary law or by analogy, the more detailed and less protective rules of IHL of international armed conflicts may come back as lex specialis and crowd out human rights. This discussion is not only theoretically interesting, but also has important practical repercussions, making the difference between life and death, and between indefinite detention without judicial control, when the admissibility of killing and detaining fighters is analysed. Please contact for more information.