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Seventh Columbia International Investment Conference: "Reframing the Investor-State Relationship: From Criticism to Constructive Engagement"

Start/End All Day; Wednesday November 14, 2012 EST -- Thursday November 15, 2012

The VCC will host the seventh annual Columbia International Investment Conference on "Reframing the Investor-State Relationship: From Criticism to Constructive Engagement," on November 14-15, 2012. The aim of this year's conference is to host a forward-looking discussion towards policies for a mutually beneficial legal framework governing the investor-state relationship.

The conference will start with a debate and discussion about the current state of investor-state relations and why finding a mutually beneficial framework has been such a challenge. Subsequent panels will delve more deeply into the fundamental tension between the predictability that investors require to make long-term investments and the flexibility that host governments require to address issues of public interest and public policy; options for mitigating and managing disputes among the diverse stakeholders that can more efficiently and fairly protect the rights of all stakeholders; and relevant policies for governments, investors and other stakeholders to maximize the outcomes of the investor-state relationship for sustainable development.

Registration is free but required. The program and registration information is available here.