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Visiting Scholars Forum

Start/End Wednesday, November 06, 2013 12:10 PM EST -- 01:10 PM EST
Location Name WJW 600

Join us for two fascinating talks, on the behavioral analysis of civil procedure, and the commercial trust in the US:

“Law and Psychology: Behavioral Analysis of Civil Procedure Rules”
. Candidate in Law at University of Oxford
Visiting Research Fellow at Columbia Law School


The speaker uses research in cognitive psychology in order to create a more accurate picture of judicial decision-making processes in the civil justice system. She investigates the implications of empirical behavioral psychology for legal reasoning as well as legal practice. The presentation will explore the effects of 'cognitive overload' in relation to certain civil procedure rules.


"The Trust in the USA: A Comparison with the Latin- American Evolution"

Sergio Rodríguez-Azuero

Emeritus and Honorary Professor at the Rosario University. Bogotá, Colombia

Visiting Scholar at Columbia Law School


The rise of the commercial trust is a new development in the United States. Here, trusts traditionally facilitate the handling of goods of wealthy families rather than business transactions. In contrast, in Latin-America, the trust has always been used to structure business contracts and rarely plays a role in matters of probate or inheritance. The speaker compares these different traditions and explores how both can benefit from learning from the other.