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Visiting Scholars Forum

Start/End Wednesday, October 09, 2013 12:10 PM EDT -- 01:10 PM EDT
Location Name WJW 600

Join us for two great presentations, on National Security and Foreign Direct Investment in the US and Japan; and the new ‘Emergency Arbitrator’ rules!

“U.S. and Japanese National Security Regulation on Foreign Direct Investment”
Rikako Watai, Ph.D.
Professor at Keio University Law School, Tokyo, Japan
Visiting Scholar at Columbia Law School

The United States and Japan have passed laws that allow the government to stop foreign takeovers of domestic companies if perceived to pose a threat to national security. The speaker will discuss how both nations can do more to refine their regulations regarding foreign direct investment (FDI), addressing the critical issue how to balance the legitimate demands of national security with free trade.

“How Urgent can an Emergency be? The New Emergency Arbitrator Rules”
Edgardo Muñoz
Associate at Lenz & Staehelin (Geneva, Switzerland)
Visiting Scholar at Columbia Law School

In recent years, many arbitration institutions have adopted so-called ‘emergency relief' rules. These rules allow parties to request an ‘emergency arbitrator’ to take interim protection measures before the arbitral tribunal is constituted. The speaker demonstrates that these emergency arbitrators add value to the process of arbitration and might be useful in other situations as well.