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Pre-AALS Faculty Recruitment Session

Start/End Monday, October 08, 2012 06:00 PM EDT -- 07:30 PM EDT
Location Name Jerome Greene Hall 105

Dear CLS Candidates, CLS Students and Visiting Scholars:

On Monday, October 8, at 6 pm in Jerome Greene Hall 105, the Careers in Law Teaching Program will hold its annual Pre-AALS Faculty Recruitment session in anticipation of the Recruitment Conference in Washington, D.C. on October 11-15th. For those who cannot attend, the meeting will be audiotaped and available on the CILTP webpage.

Three Columbia grads who are currently in full-time teaching will give advice and perspective on the Faculty Recruitment Conference and the process thereafter. The graduates are:

Kari Hong Assistant, Professor of Law, Boston College Law School; J.D., Columbia Law School '01

Jason Parkin, Assistant Professor of Law, Pace University Law School; J.D., Columbia Law School '04

Anthony O'Rourke, Associate Professor, SUNY Buffalo Law School ; J.D., Columbia Law School '06; Associate-in-Law 2009-11

Professor Carol Sanger will moderate.

While this session is geared toward current candidates, it is open to all interested students who may want to begin to get the flavor of what the academic job market process is like. A separate introductory session for current students will be at the beginning of next semester, and will be followed by weekly workshops on what you can do while in law school to ready yourself intellectually and practically for a career in law teaching.

We look forward to seeing you on Monday.

Best wishes,

Prof. Sanger