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Information Session: Journal of Law and Social Problems

Start/End Monday, April 14, 2014 12:10 PM EDT -- 01:10 PM EDT
Location Name JG 104

What: A panel with members of the outgoing and incoming editorial board
When: Monday, April 14 (12:10pm)
Where: JG 104
Non-pizza lunch will be served!

Please come with any questions you might have about JLSP, applying early, or life as a 2L staffer. Please note: you do not have to attend the panel in order to apply early, but we encourage you to do so!

Why you want to be on JLSP

  • JLSP 2L staffers have by far the smallest workload of any journal. JLSP publishes only student-written Notes. Since students cite to largely electronic sources (you know it's true), source gathering assignments are substantially easier for JLSP staffers than for staffers of any other journal. Your friends on other journals will have to hunt down rare editions of books available only in the dusty corners of non-law libraries (which are even worse than law libraries.) You, a future JLSP staffer, will do your source gathering from the comfort of your own home.
  • Because we only publish student Notes, almost all written by our own 2L staffers, JLSP presents the greatest chance of getting your Note published, which is very valuable during the clerkship hunt and is otherwise a nice gem on the resume. Last year, everyone who wanted to be on the editorial board was offered the opportunity. If you want to be on the E-Board of a journal (a requirement for many clerkships and government jobs), your chances are best with JLSP.
  • Because we publish only student Notes, about a quarter of our editorial board is dedicated exclusively to helping 2Ls with the Note-writing process, which means plenty of help writing your Note.
  • Finally, because we are a general interest journal, you can write your Note about whatever you want. Do you know what you want to write your Note about yet? No? We look forward to your application.

We look forward to seeing you!

Questions? Contact Taly Matiteyahu at