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Drug Truce

Start/End Thursday, April 04, 2013 12:10 PM EDT -- 01:00 PM EDT
Location Name WJWH 103

In his first interview upon being confirmed as President Obama’s Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy-a position colloquially known as the “drug czar”-Gil Kerlikowske made headlines by announcing that he planned to retire the “drug war” analogy in favor of a “public health approach.”  If the United States is going to end its now-40-year long war on drugs, we must first conceptualize what a post-war federal drug policy might entail. Does ending the drug war require the legalization of some, or all, drugs? Or, is it possible to end the war while retaining prohibition? Given that the overwhelming majority of drug arrests and prosecutions occur at the state and local level, is it even possible for the federal government to end the drug war on its own?  This presentation aims to move beyond the debate over prohibition and legalization by focusing on a different dividing line--the line between drug war and drug truce. Contact: Katherine Mackey,