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The Law of Armed Conflict & Drug Policy Debate

Start/End Monday, February 11, 2013 07:00 PM EST -- 08:30 PM EST
Location Name Jerome Greene Hall 701 (Case Lounge)

The Human Rights Institute, The Center for Human Rights and Drug Policy & Righstlink invite you to an evening debate in which experts in international humanitarian law (IHL) will debate the law of armed conflict and its application to drug related violence. The debate will begin with a brief overview of IHL. Speakers will address such questions as When does drug-related violence fulfil the traditional criteria for the applicability of the law of armed conflict? Is a political objective of an armed group a condition for the applicability of the law of armed conflict? Can drug lords/traffickers be subject of targeted killings? What are the implications of a "conduct of hostilities" against and by drug lords/traffickers for civilians? Can crop eradication be subject to the laws of armed conflict? Speakers will contextualize their remarks with regional problems. The event is open to all. A reception will follow the discussion in Case Lounge. Please rsvp to

Marco Sassoli, Director, Department of International law and International Organization, University of Geneva
Noam Lubell, School of Law, University of Essex

Moderator: Gabor Rona, International Legal Director, Human Rights First