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Visiting Scholars Forum.

Start/End Wednesday, December 11, 2013 12:10 PM EST -- 01:10 PM EST
Location Name WJW 600

All are welcome to join us for two presentations, on LGBT discrimination in nursing homes and checks and balances in U.S. Foreign Relations Law:

“LGBT discrimination in nursing homes”
Micaela Vaerini Jensen
Attorney & Ph.D, Assistant Professor at University of Geneva
Visiting Scholar at Columbia law School

Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) elders face homophobia and heterosexism of nursing home staff and fellow residents. Protecting gender identity and expression is crucial to protecting LGBT elders in homophobic environments. The speaker examines the types of discrimination that are often directed at LGBT elders in nursing homes and reviews some possible solutions.


“Checks & Balances in U.S. Foreign Relations Law: Viewed from a German Perspective”
Martin Paus
Ph.D. Candidate at University of Bonn
Visiting Scholar at Columbia Law School

Many legal scholars consider the degree in which Congress currently participates in foreign affairs decision-making insufficient, especially in the area of war powers. The speaker demonstrates that the inclusion of experiences made in Germany with a more active Constitutional Court might provide valuable insight for the ongoing U.S. debate about checks on presidential power.